Learning To Write: Effective Teaching Methods

Learning to write is a critical, landmark stage in your child’s development, and one which can pave the way for academic success in future years. Whilst your child becomes more aware of the world around him, and begins to learn the basics of expressing one’s self in society, writing forms an integral part of the education process, and must be encouraged throughout your child’s ongoing development to promote intellectual stimulation and a thirst for knowledge. In this article we will look at some of the most effective methods to teach and enhance your child’s writing abilities, and the impact this can have on future development.

Learning to write is an important first step in encouraging creativity amongst children. Creativity is immensely important in education, as the parent of innovation and quick thinking. By providing a means to channel the creativity necessary to breed intelligence, i.e. writing, you are giving your child an immensely valuable problem solving tool, and allowing expression and natural intellectual development to take its course. Through promoting a culture of writing, and importantly writing correctly both grammatically and spelling-wise, your child will become more proficient at reading, which again is essential to breed an intelligent and rational thought process with an understanding of concepts and ideas throughout the process of education.

One of the main ways to encourage your child to write is to combine it with the process of learning to read. As you teach your child to read and pronounce the written word, encourage him or her also to pick up a pencil and form the letters and shapes she is reading. By linking the two together, you can build bridges between the various aspects of intelligence required for each to create a more rounded picture of the fundamentals of education. This should allow your child to progress more steadily through both disciplines, to the benefit of his overall education.

Another good way of teaching your child through the learning to write process is by making writing a game. Call out words and ask the child to write the phonetically. Go through with your child afterwards and discuss each word, getting the child to read it back. Then, provide your child with the correct spelling of the word and explain the sounds to him. Play the game again with the same words and offer rewards and praise for each correct answer. By doing this kind of routine with your child, you can provide structured learning for long term progress through learning to write and read.

Teaching your child how to write is the first step in encouraging independent thought and learning. It is important to understand that the quicker your child embraces literacy in all forms, the more able he or she will be to adapt within an education environment to new concepts and new ideas, progressively as they become more complex and in-depth. By allowing your child to develop the means to express themselves, you create channels for creativity and learning that will stay with your child throughout their life, to the benefit of their intellectual development.