Learning the Models Walk

As you might have already noticed, a model’s “walk” isn’t the average step. It’s dramatic, it’s flamboyant, it’s daring, and in some cases – it’s downright sexy. It needs to be this way because it shows off the clothing that models wear. To carry it off with style and grace, you’ll need to practice it until it becomes ‘your’ walk.

Think About What You’re Wearing

When you’re walking a runway, you’ve got about 2 minutes to quickly evaluate the garment that you’re wearing and form a walk that will show off it’s beauty. If the garment is soft and flowing, walk in a way that will exaggerate its flow. If the garment is tight fitting – walk in a way that shows how sexy tight clothing can look and feel. If you can’t think of a way to emphasize pertinent aspects of a garment, have a standard walk that should show off the glamour of almost anything.

A Few Golden Rules

Never slouch. Always stand straight and move in a way that suggests you’re awfully proud to wear what you have on. Place your shoulders back and hold your chin up (but not so high that we can see what you’re thinking through your nostrils!). When you’re in a standing position, the heel of your left foot should touch the arch of your right and the majority of your body weight should rest on your right hip. This is known as the ‘right stance.’ The “left stance’ is just the opposite.

Turn Around (Pivot) Gracefully

We want to see the garment that you’re wearing from all sides: the front, the back, the left, and the right. For this reason, you’ll need to turn around but turn gracefully. This could be difficult in high heels so practice it until you develop a style that feels comfortable. During a turn, you can really emphasize the design of a flowing outfit by discreetly using your hand to gently brush the fabric and bring it out so that it spins in a gentle floating motion along with you.

Copy the Pros

Whenever you can, emulate the movements of the highly successful models by watching them and practicing at home. You don’t need to copy anyone’s style, but you do want to get the basics down. As you work on your walk, you’ll soon develop a style of your own that may even become your signature mark and land you even more jobs.

Source: https://positivearticles.com