Learning Jiu Jitsu

Whatever it is you’re doing, there will be obstacles along the way. This is true when you’re studying, working, and learning Jiu Jitsu. Before you enroll in any Jiu Jitsu club, make sure that you gather all the important facts about this sport. It helps to know something about the sport you’re trying to learn.

To start with, Jiu Jitsu started in Japan but it was first exposed in Brazil by Royce Gracie. Royce and his brothers popularized this sport although their first intention was to use Jiu Jitsu for self defense. It has undergone modifications and some changes but the philosophy and principles being followed are still the same.

Many students in Jiu Jitsu gave up halfway through their training because they got tired of learning the sport. They were too tired of the practice sessions and they were simply struggling to learn the sport. Here’s good news for you – you don’t have to struggle anymore because there is an easier way of learning Jiu Jitsu. So how can you learn Jiu Jitsu the smart way? Read on and you will find out.

First is to realize what you have already achieved. At this point, you have to ask yourself how much you’ve learned for the past months or years. What are the things you’ve already overcome and developed? What’s hindering you from continuing the Jiu Jitsu training? Answer these questions and your mind will be cleared.

Now that you feel stuck at a certain point of the training, stop telling yourself about it. Try to talk with your instructor about your feelings and your thoughts. Ask questions that need answers because your teacher may be able to help you out.

When you see any opportunity to push through with the training, grab it.

Here’s a good example. Suppose you’re having practice sessions with fellow students. You’ve already practiced a certain technique many times with several opponents but you always get ‘arm-barred’. No matter what you do, you can’t defeat your opponent.

The problem here is that you keep on repeating the same mistakes because what’s gong to happen is already pictured in your mind. You should therefore detach from what’s already happening. Take it off your mind and do it all over again. If you see any opportunity of making an effective move, don’t hesitate to do it. If you still can’t get through, ask your instructor’s opinion.

By asking your instructor about your mistakes, he may be able to give you the details of your execution like the feel and timing of your moves. Listen to what your teacher is saying and try to find other opportunities in order to disrupt the moves of your opponent. This is what’s called as productive training.

You must be able to execute the move the right way. Don’t think negatively. Picture yourself doing the right move and stay calm as you visualize. After doing this, you might be able to carry out the technique successfully.

Whenever you’re practicing, you should always maintain your focus and take the necessary course of your action. It would be best to jot down some notes so that you can review it later on. It’s also best if you have fun during the training. Enjoy yourself in the company of your fellow students. Don’t forget to remind yourself that you’re good at Jiu Jitsu.

Source: https://positivearticles.com