Learn While Doing

A good friend of mine used to always say, “just go out there and suck a lot!”

What he meant was that you have to get in the game; learn while you are doing. You may not be the best, in fact you may suck, at first. However, since you are in the game, you have a chance to win. If you stay on the sidelines until all feels right or is in order, then you could be waiting for a long time, and your life cannot be changed for the positive while you are in inaction or always in preparation mode.

There are various Grades of product/websites that you can launch. Grade Z, being the worst, to Grade A, being the best.

First, get in the game, go out there and suck a lot, take action, produce a lower grade product first. While you develop your lower grade product, you will be learning. Don’t wait to launch a product/website, get something out there, put yourself in a position to start making money and establish your list of contacts.

Then move on to creating a better product. This product will be better than your first. While you were developing that product, you will have learned even more and most likely started making money.

Then continue to improve and improve your product/website.

Now you can work on launching your A product. If you had needed some funds which you didn’t have at first to be able to launch this A product, then you probably have made it with your lesser grade products so you are now in a position to buy that software, etc. which you have always wanted and market your A product in a more prominent fashion.

Best of luck to you all !

Your Friend,

Monique Briand