Learn to Make the Most of What’s Handed to You

“Learn to make the most of what’s handed to you.” I just read this line on an advertisement for a movie that is supposed to be inspirational and motivational.

Give me a breakĀ… what a crock of BS. It’s the same old line that I have heard for years and it makes me want to spew all over my monitor. Some free-thinking writers who are trying to enlighten us just haven’t gotten it yet. These are the kind of thoughts which have disempowered, demoralized and debased us for centuries.

It’s OK to be grateful for something that is given you, but to ask someone to make the most of what’s handed to you, it just sounds like it is all you can expect to get. You shouldn’t ask for anything else and if you do it is because you weren’t grateful for the handout.

The phrase suggests that the handout is all you are worthy of. It also sends a clear message that you are not capable of receiving anything else and that nothing else is coming your way.

It is no wonder most of us are so disempowered that we must depend on what others give us, and it is because of these well intentioned lines which are thrown at us.

Making the most out of any situation makes perfectly good sense. All events are opportunities for us to demonstrate who we are and all things given to us are gifts which are appropriate for the moment that we need to declare ourselves. However, in the context of the whole sentence, it has a very negative and dehabilitating effect on our ego. It is like walking into a church expecting to be uplifted and the first sentence out of the mouth of the preacher when he starts his prayer is “Lord We are so Unworthy.” How can we expect to be anything else? You are run over again by the second car as you struggle to get across the road to safety.

We are all creative beings and we have the capacity if not the knowledge to create anything we wish to experience – So why do we have to make the most of what is handed to us, when we can create what we want in the first place.

In the bigger picture, what you got is always what you wanted at some level of your consciousness and if it is not what you want then it is an opportunity to create something different by comparison. It is a moment of new awareness. So the only thing positive about the statement may be the awareness of something you don’t want, so that you can create something that you do want. This realization takes a higher level of awareness and focus. For me it is simply a dumb line that keeps the masses submissive and disenchanted.

The capacity of the human mind to create is awesome and unlimited. We do not have to settle for anything that is less than what we want. We do not have to make the most of what is given us, because we do not need to be given anything unless it is desired.

Abundance is created by the will to experience abundance, and it is the same for all the things we desire like love, happiness, and companionship.

When you hear these moronic lines, pay attention to what you are feeling in the moment and respond by focusing on what you can have or do. Don’t except mediocrity or condemnation. From the time of our birth, we hear these lines and accept them as our new truth. It is no wonder that we believe them, because we create the experiences which reinforce the power of the words. Opportunity does not only come once, it comes continuously in ever moment you create it. Something better will come to you when you decide that it is what you wish to experience.