Learn The Art Of Allowing

To learn the art of allowing learn to allow the negative events in your life without judging them negative or resisting them – pushing against them.

When you separate the life flow by judging either good or bad you will create scenarios for yourself that you will experience as either good or bad.

Learn to develop the art of allowing. That means let people, events, and circumstances be what they are. Just let them be. Oftentimes as we become more enlightened within our own lives and beings, we think it is imperative that we let everybody know what we know so that they can become enlightened as well. But big problems pop up when we try to make people fit our mold of what we think they should be by making them more like us.

Diversity is the key to survival – not sameness – and we are not in a state of allowance when we are trying to make everything the same.

Allowance – not tolerance – is one of the keys to quicker manifestation of your heart’s desires. To tolerate something means you’re letting it be, but you do not like it.

The word “allows” means “to permit.” By allowing yourself to be yourself – you allow others to be themselves. You allow the moments to be themselves. By allowing you are not resisting the flow, you are not pushing against it and the flow runs smoother and quicker.

Learning to allow gives permission for you to relax. On this journey of learning about ourselves and how the law of attraction works we get excited, this is natural. In this excitement, however, we want things to happen, right now, right away. Due to the nature of our lives here and the way the law of attraction works, there is always a time delay between the emergence of a desire and its manifestation. That time delay benefits us in many ways. It allows us to modify our desires more in line with what we truly want; it allows us the benefit of watching the universe in action and it teaches us to learn to allow.

If everything that you desired popped into reality right away, this could cause some huge problems. Allowing things to be what they are, and having gratitude for them the way they are is a sure-fire recipe to speed up your creation process.

So the key then is to put forth your desires, thank the universe for fulfilling them, and allow them the time to manifest. Don’t judge anything. Don’t separate life into positive and negative – if you do – you’re not experiencing life – you’re experiencing good and evil. Instead – eat of the tree of life, which is whole, neither negative nor positive.

The Law of Attraction is powerful stuff, to be sure, but if you start judging the process, you’re resisting it. Allowance creates a sense of detachment, which speeds up the process of manifestation. Allowance creates a peace in your life when you realize that there’s nothing to struggle over. Get into the flow of life and watch what happens. I have found it to be an amazing ride.

Allow yourself to grow. Allow yourself to be yourself, with all your “dorky” ways. You are a blessed child of the universe. You are unique – there is no one like you. You are a manifestation of the divine in human form.

The Father-Mother-God-Of-All-That-Is loves you more than you can know, as you are a divine child of the universe. Relax a bit, drop the burdens you’re carrying, for there is really nothing to carry.