Learn How to Win

Facing different problems people often make the same mistake bringing them into negative emotional trap: they fix on the problem instead of considering how to achieve the desirable result. In this aspect all the people can be divided into two categories:” winners” and “losers”. The first succeed quite often and overcome their ups and downs without sticking on them. The latter tend to experience difficulties more often, run of bad luck lasts for a rather long time. In fact the two groups intuitively use different life strategies towards negative life circumstances. “Losers “perceive them as defeats, whereas “winners” take them as some valuable life experience to draw useful conclusions. The main rule of “winners “is the thesis: “there are no defeats, but there is a feedback”. Such life approach allows them to acquire severe life lessons more easily and advance to their aim.

The second rule of “winners” is to use strategy “Moving toward….” instead of “running from…“ It will help you to get rid of the feeling of failure and direct your thoughts into a more constructive area. Avoid fixing your thoughts on negative situation even if you formulate your position in affirmative. In the life of every person there are moments when trouble gives birth to something useful. There are periods when you don’t see the light side of life, that is where the third rule of the winner works – Concentrate on your resources not on the obstacles. It means that to succeed you need to focus on things that help to attain success, not on the hindrances. Turn to your thoughts, capabilities and resources; create positive pictures of future in your imagination. To become more confident in your potential recollect your past accomplishments and victories.

The fourth rule of “winners” – Focus on the present and future, not on the past. You cannot change your past. It is a scientific fact and as the scientists have not invented time machine yet, all we can do is to learn a lesson from your past. But to live in the past, especially if it is tinctured with negative emotions is sheer nonsense. Life is so short and while we are thinking about our past torments, we fall out of the present and do nothing for our glorious future. Just after analyzing your mistakes and correcting your life behavior, get out of your head everything that you consider being your failures. Formulate your actions in the affirmative form: “Now in such a situation I will….” Our past can be a great source of inspiration and motivation for our future.

Past can be different. Some periods are gloomy and dark, filled with losses and defeats; others shine with joy and smell with happiness. Recollecting such events are even desirable. They give us powerful resources of positive emotions and we need to learn to use them correctly. The fifth rule of “winner”: Look for positive in everything”. Every people traditionally have its own sources of wisdom for dealing with the most difficult trials of fate. That is what English proverb says:” Every cloud has a silver lining”.