Learn How To Set Yourself Up For Success

Copyright 2006 Robin Harris, DesignerLife

Imagine the impact of starting a business venture, project, or goal primed with an attitude of being successful from day 1.

Self-doubt and fear are social viruses that lurk in the psyche, silent and still, until you start to move toward your dreams and goals and then they attack you from the inside out. It’s as if the first step outside of your comfort zone unleashes the predators to cannibalize your motivation and commitment to succeed. If you can make one simple shift, to bypass this risk, your entire approach and the results you produce will be transformed. You may be wondering to yourself if it can really be that simple … well, the truth is – it’s simple but that’s not synonymous with natural and it certainly isn’t the equivalent of easy or effortless. At the same time, it’s not that hard either once you make up your mind to do it.

The reason this simple solution is so powerful and effective is because most people fail before they even start taking any action at all. The invisible parasites called self-doubt and fear have already made their home inside your head. In fact, they have been embedded there by years of socialization that begins in our formative years. There is no escaping the social conditioning that teaches us to be fearful, hesitant, and to approach our unique gifts, talents, and dreams with reluctance. To insulate yourself against the dream slayer you must establish a preemptive position of power by seeing yourself successful from day 1.

Let’s see how you already apply this strategy in other areas of your life such as driving. Do you remember when you first learned to drive? It was unnatural, awkward, and scary. Yet most of us have been socialized to move beyond the discomfort and keep at it until it feels like second nature. Now do you realize that driving is a dangerous activity? Even being a passenger is risky. Statistically speaking, you could end up being the victim of an auto accident. It happens to people all the time; the little fender benders as well as major crashes and yet we drive and ride without giving it much thought.

The reason this is so is because we have an agreement about driving that has been validated and reinforced by those around us. This agreement allows us to assume a position of success when it comes to driving or riding in a car. Before you open the car door, put on your seat belt, or turn on the engine, you have settled the matter in your head – I will arrive safely at my intended destination. Now ask yourself, is this a fact or an assumption. It’s an assumption, of course.

Can you imagine riding in a car with any other assumption locked in place? You’d be a nervous wreck before you reached the first stop light. Due to stress and anxiety, you would be more likely to cause an accident thus creating a negative self-fulfilling prophecy.

Can you see how this works? Yet, this is exactly how we approach our dreams and goals. Our business venture is a failure before we invest the first dollar. The potential client said no even before we picked up the phone to call her. The deal’s gone bad even before we presented it. In our minds, we fail, and then in real life we tend to duplicate our mental position.

When you start moving outside of your comfort zone, observe your inner response. Check yourself from the inside out and you can see the creation process working against you unless you have learned to assume success first. To put this mini-training session into effect immediately do this simple 3-step process:

1. Before beginning a challenging project of any kind, stop, and then mentally step into the idea of being successful from day 1.

2. Accept being uncomfortable for a little while as you move outside of your comfort zone just like when you learned to drive.

3. Observe yourself closely throughout the process and when you see yourself losing your power position, self-correct as soon as possible.

To learn more about taking this on at the core-level, attend our next free teleclasses “Learn How To Set Yourself Up For Success”. In this course you will learn how to establish this preemptive power position and make it part of your permanent inner landscape. You don’t have to let self-doubt and fear steal your thunder, douse your passion, or kill your dreams when you make up your mind to begin your new ventures with seeing yourself successful from day 1.