Learn how to reach your dreams

Before I can talk about dreams let me first give you a brief idea about what depression is. Depression is a state of loss of a hope that a person reaches when he believes that the road towards fulfilling an important need is permanently blocked.
In other words, if something was very important to you then you believed that you will never have it then most likely you will end up depressed.
So what does this has to do with dreams?
In fact dreams reflect the most important desires that people have and their deepest needs!
If you decided to give up on your dreams then not only you will end up depressed but you will be like a living dead.
After you knew how important dreams are its time to learn how to go after them.
How to make your dreams true:
The best way to realize your dreams is to found out how people who realized their dreams managed to do it, I interviewed lots of successful people and I found few common things between them all that enabled them to reach their dreams, here they are:
1) Keep trying: no successful person managed to succeed from the first attempt. Even those who managed to start a business that became successful in a short period of time have failed many times behind the scenes. Mohamed Ali the famous boxer once said: success is not about never getting knocked down but its all about getting hit very hard then standing up again each time you fall
2) They don’t wait for the right mood: Many procrastinators delay important tasks because they are not in the mood forgetting the fact that their mood will never improve before they make significant changes to their lives. Successful people aren’t the ones who are always in the mood but they are the ones who get their tasks done even if they are feeling bad, sad or down.
3) They believed in themselves: All successful people were rejected many times. Many of them were made fun of and some of them were severely criticized. If you are serious about making your dream come true then you need to believe in yourself and refuse to believe all of those who put you down or those who try to make you believe that you will never do it.
4) They were brave: the type of courage I am talking about here is not the familiar meaning of courage you already know but it’s the ability to go after your dream without using any excuse that can help you escape from the responsibility. For example some people use excuses such as “I am not lucky” or “life is unfair” just to escape while feeling good. Successful people are brave enough to admit that they are responsible for everything that is taking place in their lives.
5) They pay the price: success is not easy and the road to realizing your dreams will be full of obstacles. In some days you will feel down, in other days you will get bad moods while in some other days you might find yourself crying. Don’t lose hope if you faced any of these situations because they are a part of the normal price you have to pay in order to make your dream true.