Learn How to live a better life

We all want to live great lives but for some reason many of us are unsatisfied with their lives. Statistics show that most people aren’t happy with their lives and that a large group of people are not sure where to find happiness.
Happiness differs from a person to another, this means that the things that make a person happy aren’t the same things that can make another person happy.
That’s why the first key to finding happiness is getting a better self understanding. When you know what you want exactly you will be able to go after it. This won’t give you instant happiness but at least you will be walking in the right direction.

How to live a better life?
No matter who you are or how you think unsolved problems will be on the top of the list of the items that make you unhappy. This bad habit you can’t break, this job you hate and this unstable relationship you might be in are all examples of unsolved problems that can make your life unhappy.
If you want to live a better life then you should start by writing down your problems. Make a list of the things that spoil your life and write them down.
Next start by writing simple plans that can help you solve each of these problems. I know that some problems seem to have no solution so you need to be a little creative while writing down the solutions.
You don’t have to solve all problems in order to improve your life because as soon as you start working on the solutions you will start to feel better.
Little things matter

Few minor changes that seem irrelevant can make your life better! For example if your car needs to be fixed then doing this simple task will remove some of the burden off your back and your mood will improve.
Sometimes it’s a great idea to make many of these simple changes and to solve many of these small problems because of their effect on your mood.
Of course you should not solve the small problems and ignore the big ones because this will make your mind think that you are escaping from your problems and your mood will worsen.
Work on your big and small problems together and you will find your mood improving by a great deal