Learn How to become persistent

The difference between a person who reaches what he wants in life and a person who never reaches his goals is that the first keeps going until he gets what he wants while the second gives up somewhere along the road.
Developing commitment is one of the most important tasks that a person who wants to be successful must learn how to do. In this post I will tell you how you can develop commitment and persistence.
How to develop commitment and persistence
1) Forget about your feelings: this is one of the major mistakes that people do when they try to commit to a task. Some people mistakenly think that they should only keep going while they are feeling good and that’s completely wrong. The difference between those who commit to certain tasks and those who don’t is that the first group keep going even if they are feeling bad,sad, down or depressed while the second group stops as soon as they feel bad.
2) Forget about the right time: Most do a major mistake which is waiting for the right time before they can begin doing anything. The problem with this right time concept is that the right time never arrives and so the person remains on standby mood until he runs out of time. If you want to be a productive person then start even if you feel that its not the right time.
3) Never skip the task: let’s suppose that you decided to walk 2 days a week. In such a case you should never ever skip your walking session even if anything happened. Persistence is developed when you train yourself to commit to your tasks even when there are many obstacles. For example if it rained then you should walk in the rain or at least do it right after the rain ends.
4) Know that it takes time to develop a habit: some people say it takes two weeks to develop a certain habit, others say it takes 21 days while a third group says that it depends on the person. In all cases, it takes time to develop a habit and that’s why you must be patient enough until you get used to the new tasks you added to your life style.
5) Don’t depend on your friends: one of the fatal mistakes that ruins commitment is depending on a friend of yours to join you all the time. If you only run when your friend is available then you will find that you had to cancel your plans just because your friend wasn’t ready or not in the mood. If you want to have solid commitment then forget about others completely and move on your own.