Learn How To Become A Mentalist: How To Read Minds In 3 Simple Steps

People who know how to read minds are the envy of everybody. They can amaze anyone and instantly become the life of the party. They can also use their skills to make sound decisions, anticipate reactions and make life generally more pleasant for themselves. The good news is… you too can learn how to become a mentalist.

You don’t have to go through too much hullabaloo to develop mind reading tricks and skills. Just by reading these tips below, you can learn how to become a mentalist in no time.

1) Ask the right questions.

If you want to know how to read minds, you can start by asking the right questions. These questions won’t give you what you want to know directly. However, you would be able to figure out more or less where a person stands.

For example, you want to know whether a person is pro-environment or pro-capitalism. Ask them a question that tackles both concepts. Ask about what he thinks of animals in a zoo and animals in the wilderness. Or you can also ask whether they recycle or not. If you want to learn how to become a mentalist, you have to know how to do your detective work subtly.

2) Look for clues.

There’s always a clue to every mystery. If you want to learn how to become a mentalist, you have to start recognizing clues for what they are and connect them all together.

Let’s say you’re a wife who wants to go out with your husband tonight. Look at his face, the way he carries himself and his overall appearance. Does he look haggard? Has he brought home a suitcase filled with documents? Judging by the clues presented to you, you can already deduce how your spouse is going to react to your plans.

3) Follow the routine.

You may not notice it, but most people tend to be predictable. They usually follow the same routine day in and day out.

Betty, for example, likes to stop by the department store after work. If you have worked with Betty or have known her for quite some time, you should already be familiar with her after work excursions. And yet when you tell her that you know she’s going to head to the mall after work, she’s still undeniably surprised at how you can read her mind!

Why don’t you try observing your own habits and see just how predictable some of your actions are? Doing this will definitely improve your awareness of other people’s actions as well.

Congratulations! You have just learned how to become a mentalist. It’s not really hard work and can be a really fun experience.