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Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world following the Chinese. Geographically, people who speak Hindi are scattered all over the world including in the United States.

There are many reasons why it’s gaining popularity. These events show some evidences.

1. Edison schools get funds to add Hindi classes

The township school district has received a federal grant that will help introduce a Hindi language course in the curriculum in September 2008.

The first-year grant is $197,500 for 2007-08 to develop the curriculum. Additional grant money will be available to implement the program.

The curriculum will be modeled after courses taught in Texas schools. The Texas Hindi program, which begins in ninth grade, has been taught for the past few years.

The plan for Edison is to introduce and adapt Hindi for grades nine through 12.

Approximately 45 percent of the students in Edison are Asian. The Asian-Indian community was eager to start the less commonly taught subject.

2. Cameron University to offer Hindi class

Cameron will offer Hindi language courses for the first time in the fall, taught by a Fulbright Scholar from India.

“We are offering it because India has become an increasingly important player in a global economy, making the language useful for those in business and finance,” said Margery Kingsley, chairman of the foreign languages department. “Lawton also has a vibrant Indian community, and making the Hindi courses available will, we hope, contribute to local awareness of Indian culture, literature and films of India.”

Because many residents of India speak English well, the American business community has not been hard-pressed to learn the language. But knowing it can lead to more genial business relationships, and be helpful as a means of breaking the ice.

About 5,000 Asian Indians live in Oklahoma. Many second and third generation families only speak English but would discover more about their culture and ancestors by learning Hindi.

3. World Hindi Conference In New York – July 13 to 15, 2007

Eighth World Hindi Conference is being held in New York from July 13 to 15, 2007. It is being organized in cooperation with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New York.The Conference will deliberate on issues relating to the growth and presence of Hindi in the world including teaching of Hindi in foreign countries, use of information technology and necessary measures to increase its popularity.

So far seven World Hindi Conferences have been held at Nagpur (India), Port Louis (Mauritius, twice), New Delhi (India), Port of Spain (Trinidad & Tobago), London (UK) and Paramaribo (Suriname). This time the conference is being organized in the Americas where a large number of Non Resident Indians (NRIs) or People of Indian Origin (PIOs) are settled.

The conference will be inaugurated at the United Nations headquarters on 13th July. A large number of distinguished guests and senior dignitaries from various countries are expected to attend the conference along with eminent Hindi scholars, writers and poets from across the globe.

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