Leading With Honor – Nu Leadership Series

As I glanced at news headlines, I was reminded of the ugliness of humanity. Do we really need another ethical scandal in America? Bernie Ebbers, WorldComm founder, started a 25-year sentence for an $11 billion account fraud. Likewise, HP had its own embarrassing moment with scandals. Recently, HP decided to keep Board Chairman Dunn after the chairman was discovered wiretapping her board. What are these executives thinking when they conducted these transgressions against their corporations?

Does character count in capitalism? Guinness, a religious authority, explains that contemporary society views character as something that distinguishes an individual; however, biblically, character is viewed as essentially moral. In many cases, character doesn’t count in secularism.

Most corporations preach high ethical behavior but are sidetracked morally by the bottom-line. Joyner, author of Leadership Management, argues that outstanding leaders fail unless their lives are underpinned with honor, morality, and character. Under the current model, anything goes. Don’t get caught! Any path will do. However, Jesus disagreed in Luke 13: 24 “Do all you can to go in by the narrow door! A lot of people will try to get in, but will not be able to.”

Don’t expect companies to clean themselves up. However, a wave of moral conduct is coming. Maynard and Mehrten, renowned futurists, maintain outside forces will demand high ethics and a moving away of a focus solely on material gain.

Therefore, leader get ready. We are entering this moral revolution.


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