Leading Followers in Dark Valleys – Nu Leadership Series

“Any committee is only as good as the most knowledgeable, determined and vigorous person on it. There must be somebody who provides the flame.”
Lady Bird Johnson

My friend works for a local church as an office manager. Initially, he was zealous about making changes to antiquated church systems. Unfortunately, the church leaders didn’t want to progress as quickly. He was discouraged and disempowered. How could this happen at a church?

Let’s discuss the liberating aspect of empowerment. After Jesus’ death, we find His disciples demoralized and frightened (John 20:19). They had looked for Jesus to restore Israel. Didn’t Jesus promise them a new kingdom? In Luke 24:1, the disciples meet the resurrected Jesus, and they celebrate. However, in Luke 24:51, Jesus departs again. The disciples are left with only a promise. They wait. In Act 2, we find the Holy Spirit equipping the disciples, encouraging their hearts, and empowering them to preach the Gospel. The disciples learned to follow the Holy Spirit and allow Him to liberate them from their fears. Miller, author of the Empowered Leader, maintains every Christian who desires to become a leader must first know how to follow. Malphurs, a value-based guru, argues that every organization must have committed values and must passionately stand for something. Likewise, organizations need to be passionate about their followers and empower them so that they can be successful.

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