Lead the Way with Mac Makeup

New this summer: MAC’s got a lot of new looks and collections perfect for every summer mood. Need to look freshly radiant during the day? Or shimmery elusive when the sun sets? Or glam, gorgeous and bursting with color at night? Or perhaps, you simply want make-up that will go with your hot new tan? Whichever way you go, MAC will continue to push the prettification envelope and make you sizzle. Check out the many new shades and the equally dazzling new looks in MAC cosmetics’ newest collections for the summer!


If you love color color color and aren’t afraid to try even the boldest of shades, get C-Shock. With shades that are guaranteed to make you stand out at evening beach barbecues, including the striking Blast O’ Blue, luscious coral Overrich, light, bright purple Vivacious, and a deeper version called Pomposity. For more luscious lips, get the Lipgelee shades in She-Boom!, Sugar Shock and Lil’ Sizzler.

C-Shock your eyes with a set of superb, illuminating eyeshadow tones: Going Bananas is a delicious yellow, Eye-popping is a golden lime green, Passionate is a rich, burning matte red. C-Shock’s latest devotee is Eve, who wears C-Shock colors in her music video, “Tambourine.”

Strange Hybrid

This summer collection is based on a vibrant flower garden – for those who want just the right blush of color. Pigments come in two skin shades for summer: Jardin Aires for a cool tan, and Provence for those who want to shine while staying out of the sun. The color palette raises the mystery in your eyes with the color-bouquets of Moonflower, Rose Blanc, and Seedling, after lining your lids with waterproof Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Navy Stain and Permaplum.

Make your eyes pop with elegantly harmonizing lips. Shaded Lipglass is available in superbly sheer, fluid colors such as Cultured and Hothouse, while the Lipstick hues are led by the silvery pink Strange Hybrid, this collection’s namesake shade. Other colors include Strange & Exotic, Orchidazzle and the peachy Propagate. Of course, you must finish the look with rosy cheeks, using the smoky Petalpoint or darker Fleurry Powder Blush.


Such a romantic name for beauty, is it not? Enveloped in an aura of pulsating radiance, these limited edition lipsticks feature deep, warm hues of Eclipse, Honey Moon and Solar Plum; while the limited edition Lipglass colors Dark Flower, Moonbathe, Elaborate and Crescent will recall a night iluminated by the magic of the full moon.

To look positively iridescent, use Liquid last Liner in Molten Sol, Eye shadow in the limited edition shades of Cosmic, Saturnal and Firespot, Powder Blush in Other Worldly and Glimmer shimmer all over your skin in Astral Rays.


Use Tendertones lip balm this summer and your lips will love you forever. An ingenious blend of a moisturizer and lip-gloss, Tendertones aims to protect your lips from the sun and soothe them all pretty. Check out the names of the shades: Deep Sigh, Warm Smile, Shush!, Hush Hush, Purring, Soft Note, Pucker… I feel all comforted and cozy already.


MAC has stripped the sun for your face, with Bronzing Powder in Bronze and Refined, and Studio Mist Foundation in Summer and Sun Rays. MAC Make Up also offers three styles of Charged Water products, including a hydrating mist of vital ions from various minerals, all to guard your skin from overindulgence in the summer sun.