Lawn Mover – Are You Using It Correctly?

On any nice sunny Saturday morning in the US you will be able to hear the unmistakable sound of the lawn mover as it brings the lawns back into a respectably trimmed state. It is a never ending task, but one that many people have a great lifelong passion for. Just as many however, see it as a necessary chore, one that has to be endured but finished with as quickly as possible so that more interesting pursuits can be found.

For those of us that look forward to spending time with our best friend lawn mover, we see the end result of our manicured lawns and are well satisfied with our efforts. The difference that neat gardens and well maintained lawns make is well documented, often adding many thousands of dollars to the value of a home. Most gardeners will tell you however; that it is the satisfaction of seeing their lush lawns and gardens that is the driving force behind their weekly lawn mowing tasks.

For the new gardener, or first home buyer who finds himself the owner of not only a new house but a fabulous looking lawn, the decision to purchase a lawn mover can be quite a challenging one. It’s OK for those of us who have grown up with lawn moving for pocket money on a Saturday morning, because we do have some idea on what features we like. If you want to purchase a lawn mover that is going to be problem free and last for a good many years, then expect to pay a good price for it.

There are several things to be considered when purchasing a lawn mover. Firstly the size of lawn will dictate whether you will be best suited to either a push mover or a ride on mover, or something in between. Your budget is also going to dictate to a large extent the lawn mower that you buy. Even such things as your physical fitness and wellness are things to consider, with the self propelled push lawn movers being worth the extra money for anyone who does not enjoy good health but still wants to be responsible for their own lawn maintenance.

Many of us really do like spending time on our lawns, but most of us prefer it to be easy. Choosing a lawn mover that has plenty of power, is reliable and cuts well means that our task is finished in record time, leaving more time for our family and friends. This is very important for those of us that enjoy a busy lifestyle with not much free time on weekends.

Today’s modern lawn mover has come a long way from the noisy, machines of the past. Anyone who was cutting lawns even 20 years ago knows how temperamental they used to be, particularly on starting. Superior blades also have made the world of difference in the type of cut that is now available.

The lawn mover has been around for a long time. In fact around 150 years ago it made its debut as the reel mower back in the 1820’s. Even today, some people still use the reel mowers, particularly when they have just a small patch of lawn to cut. They are relatively silent and although they do take a little energy to push them, they are well suited to certain applications. The fact that they are very eco friendly is another great draw card for many who have a great aversion to the environmentally unfriendly gas powered mowers.

It was our obsession with outdoor sports such as cricket, tennis and lawn bowls that saw the need for far more technologically advanced lawn cutting machines to keep the grass in perfect condition. It was then just a matter of time before these professional machines were adapted for home use. The rotary-blade lawn mover was invented in the 1930’s, and now some 70 years later this type of push lawn mover is still one of the most popular models produced.