Law of Attraction : Questions, Questions, Questions…

What is it you want in order to have a truly magnificent life? What is it in your daily life that you could do, be, or have that would make a difference in the way you experience life? What would take your life to the next level? What do you need (or want) to experience life to the fullest?

We look at ourselves as human beings; but we are also human havings and human doings. What do you want to have in your life to truly make it spectacular: True friends, a new relationship, great health, passion? What do you want to do to make your life fun and exciting: Fly an airplane, run a marathon, volunteer once a week at an animal shelter, write a book?

What would you like to be to make a difference in the world or to yourself, or your family and friends: A great son, daughter, husband or wife? Would you like to be abundant, loving, forgiving?

Look at each aspect of your life and identify what you want or desire in the following areas.


What kind of relationships do you want to create with God, with your parents, children, friends, co-workers, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, and most importantly, yourself? How do you attract the type of relationships that you want with the people in your life? How would your life change if your relationships were closer, more intimate, less judgmental, more trusting, and more loving?

Healthy Body and Lifestyle:

What do you want your body to look like? How do you want to feel? What do you want to weigh? Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle? Do you want to live a long life? Do you have exercise goals? Do you want to have healthy eating habits?

Finances and Abundance:

Do you want to save more money? Do you want to reduce debt? Do you want to increase your income? Do you want to create other sources of income? Do you want to have a new house, car, piano, boat, or other things?

Self-Improvement / Awareness:

Do you want a better awareness of who you are; why you do the things you do; think, the thoughts, you think about; react in the way you do; judge yourself and others; are highly motivated in some things, but lethargic in others? Do you want to take classes, workshops, seminars? Do you want to finally get the degree, diploma, certificate, or credentials you have been thinking about? Do you want to read more books on subjects for which you have a passion?

Hobbies / Entertainment / Fun:

What hobbies do you have now that you want to become better at? What hobbies would you like to begin; gardening, chess, painting, reading, collecting (coins, stamps, comic books, cookbooks, etc)? What would you like to do for fun and entertainment: Attend a live performance featuring your favorite bands, fish, or travel? What would you like to learn to do for fun: Ballroom dancing, golf, tennis, play an instrument? What would you like to do just once in your life: Jump out of an airplane, talk in front of a large group? Do you want to travel and experience nature, different cultures and scenery?

Passions / Purpose:

What are your passions? What is your purpose in life? An easy way to identify this is to look at what you fantasize about or do in your spare time because you want to do it or love to do it. If you have a garden in your back yard and you really enjoy the hard work of maintaining a garden, then that is a passion of yours. If you play tennis, golf or bowl on the weekends, then that is a passion of yours. If you enjoy babysitting your granddaughter, or fixing things around the house, or finding new recipes to cook fun special meals, then that is a passion of yours.

Once we get past the belief that we can have only one passion or only one purpose in life, it is easier to see that we have many passions and the only work we have to do is to make time for them, be present while we arc doing them, and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Our purpose in life is to live to our potential, experience love and life to the fullest, become aware of whom we are and be true to our soul. Whatever form that takes in your life is right for you.