Law of Attraction – How To Get Started

It’s OK, if you feel a little overwhelmed with the power of the Law of Attraction. There have been many great teachers from the past century and today, that have known the Secret aka The Law of Attraction, but they were all students at one time. From Genevieve Behrend, Thomas Troward, James Allen, Johnnie Colemon, Ernest Holmes, Wallace D. Wattles, and Napoleon Hill each of these enlighten New Thought Giants taught to learn.

Now you can easily see there is no reason for you to be, if I may, “Stuck.” Now is the time to step up to the plate with what you have learned and build from that point. Stand up and take personal responsibility for your life. Reach into your soul, all the way down and grab hold of your strength.

Sit in silence and ask your soul to speak clearly the Universal truth you need to hear. Awake yourself from the zombie like state you have been living in. Then practice The Law of Attraction, from the moment you awake in the morning. Every day set forth positive intentions and before you speak or call anyone think about what idea you really want to convey, is it positive.

Now start attracting small desires and build on to bigger ones; use something as simple as the parking space. Then work on that desire you have been putting off. Be clear about what you desire, have confidence and believe that it is manifesting and is on its way. Then Act As If this powerful mental illusion will set into motion that universal connection that cannot fail you. In closing, please remember the Universe does not distinguish between what is mental or physically real once emotional energy starts to vibrate in.

Imagine your life being free of all obstacles. Then realize you are in total mental control for no one owes you anything, its all gratitude. Acknowledge that it is through “Thought” you can create anything. Because if you can think, desire, believe, and visualize with volition it shall be yours.

Acknowledge you have the power of “Thought” to transform your life using this omniscience Universal Law of Attraction.

Final check list:

1. You are a Mental Magnet.

2. Your “Thoughts” Create Things.

3. Desire with passion.

4. Believe that it is yours.

5. Visualize until it materialize.

6. Pretend/Act As If.

7. Stay focused.

8. Expect whatever you desire.

9. You are responsible for your creation.

10. The Law of Attraction is neutral.

You have come to understand you have the power to create your reality from one moment to the next, to the complete day, just by thinking it so. So, when those moments come when everything is in total alignment with the Universe, when you are in that place where life just can’t get better, this is the time to pause and project.

Yes, project. Take some of those feel good feelings and throw them over into tomorrow and there they will be waiting on you. In your mind, see it as so. Project as much of this positive energy you are experiencing now into your tomorrow. Think about how great your tomorrow is going to be… just as great as this moment is.

Do you get how you will start to gain control over how you will feel if you project when you are in a state of euphoria? It is as if you are doing a mental affirmation at the moment you are feeling great and stating that this how you desire to feel in the future. “I like this, tomorrow has got to contain more of this.” When you throw it over to tomorrow, it will be there when you get there, and you’ll bump into it, because it is your intention. It will feel so great that you’ll find yourself anticipating it more and projecting that good feeling into every situation.