Law of Attraction – Feelings Are Important Indicators of Your Thoughts

I have often been asked, “How do we really know we are thinking the right thoughts?” Whatever makes you happy should logically be good thoughts. Feelings are unfailing in their predictions. Feelings are critical to the thought process. It is instinctive and pure .Feelings are created at a primordial level, they don’t consider the implications and results. They are here and now. This feeling of unalloyed joy and pleasure will lead you to the future. Are you happy thinking these thoughts? If yes, you can rest assured that you are on the right path.

Thoughts are carried into the universe at a certain frequency. It is the feelings which indicate which frequency you are on. Are your thoughts resonating at the right frequency? Are your thoughts aligned with the universe? Your feelings will tell you the truth.

Sometimes your thoughts will not be aligned with that of the universe. At these times you will get an instant feedback in the form of feelings. It is time you changed the frequency and realign your thoughts. The dial of your mind should fine tune itself with the resonating frequency. You will automatically hear the grand music of the universe. Normally one should not find it difficult to find the right frequency. Remember, our thoughts are instinctive and guided by our feelings. But sometimes we have to force our mind to change frequency. This may happen, if you are too rigid in your thinking and have developed a closed mind.

How do we then move on to a different frequency? These thoughts are called secret shifters. Think back to the good times you have had in your life. Even the most miserable person on earth can recall a few moments of pleasure in their lives. Maybe it your lovers smile or touch, a moment of achievement which gave you a high or even a piece of music. All these can act as secret shifters. For me, it is the thought of a meandering river back in my village. The gurgling sound of its waters always calms and sooths me. You may have your own secret shifters. Ride on them and surf through the good times of your life.

Feelings are a good indicator of your thoughts. Use secret shifters to change your frequency of thought.

If you ask me if there are any steps in following the Law of Attraction, my immediate response would be no. You don’t have to know anything except to have firm and unwavering belief in it. After all, the law of attraction calls for simple faith and belief. The steps I am going to explain are a part of the thought process and need no explanation. You are subconsciously going through them.

The best example I can think of is Aladdin’s lamp. The story used to be a favorite of mine and if I am not wrong, most of us. Do you know that the Genie would appear only if you rub the lamp? Otherwise he would remain inside the lamp, confined and chained. This is exactly what is happening to our thoughts. We never let the Genie of our thoughts come out of our heads. We don’t want to release the most powerful thoughts. Thoughts which would transform our lives and bring abundant joy, happiness and untold wealth. We are even afraid to ask, afraid to realize our dreams! Remember what the Genie says when he emerges from the lamp? “Your wish is my command.” What does he mean? Exactly what he says. If you wish for a hundred dollars, he will give it to you. If you ask for a million dollars, he would comply. If you ask for a hundred million… You have to ask first. We think of all the negativity in our lives and settle for a small favor, when all the while we can realize our deepest desires.

I have seen people who settle for the second best because they feel that the best is not for them. They have already made up their mind that they are not destined for greater things . “My Dad never got a degree, how will I get one?” “Genetically we are not that intelligent”. People tend to blame their parents, genes and even destiny for what they are presently. They never get to rub the lamp and release the Genie. What a powerful metaphor? The Genie gives exactly what you ask for. Don’t limit yourself. Ask for the sky. Dream your boldest and most colorful dreams. Dare to dare.

Ask the Genie for the moon and you shall have it.