Law of Attraction – Discover Three Forces of Power To Make It Work!

Do you find goal setting tough?

Most people do not set goal in life. For people who do set goal in life, some of them do not achieve their goal due to lack of persistence, discipline etc.

Goals can be achieved more effectively and efficiently if you incorporate principles of law of attraction.

The law of attraction states that you become what you think most about. This article reveals the three forces of power to make law of attraction work in your life:-

(1) Desire

Remember the story of Aladdin and the magic lamp?

As a kid, I remember telling my parents Aladdin should have used his last chance to wish for having another 100 wishes. In that case, he will never run out of wishes for better things to happen in his life.

Do you know that we are all entitled to have as many wishes we want? Yet most of us are contented to stay where we are because we do not dare to dream big. If the universe allows you to choose whether you want to be rich or poor, which option will you choose?

You may either choose to make $10,000 a year or $500,000 a year. Whilst your income target may vary greatly, there is minimal change to your personality.

Desire is like a fuel to your direction in life. When you dream big, you get excited about your goal. This sends positive energy vibration to the universe and you will attract more positive experiences.

(2) Belief

Now we can have people who dare to dream big, but they do not create success in their life. Why is it so?

Dreaming big is just not enough if you do not have the belief that whatever you dream of can manifest into reality.

When your belief is not there, you will feel doubtful about your goal. Doubt or fear are all negative energy vibrations, which will work against your goal. They stop you from proceeding with your plan because you spend too much time and energy thinking about them. And because you are constantly thinking about them, you will attract more negative experiences.

How can you build your belief when you have not achieved your goal yet? We recommend that you first believe your goal is possible. For example, you want to make $1 million in one year’s time. You can research over the Internet for success stories. If someone has done it before, you are more confident that your goal is achievable.

Next, you can build your belief in baby steps. You can aim for bigger and bigger goals each time you accomplish something new.

For example, you are now convinced that it is possible to make $1 million in one year’s time. But your income level has never crossed $100,000 previously. To build your belief system, you can set your first goal as making $100,000 in three months’ time. Once you have achieved it, you can set the next bigger goal such as making $200,000 in three months’ time.

You will feel more confident in your abilities when you achieve each baby steps. This sends positive energy vibration to the universe and it will unfold the plan to allow you proceed with your master plan in life.

(3) Expectation

Lastly, whatever you wish for, you must be in the state to expect the good things will happen in your life.

This sounds easier said than done. Many times people set a big goal, have strong belief, put in some actions and expect immediate results.

But when result is not coming per their expectation, they are disappointed immediately and self-doubt sets in.

Doubt sends negative vibration to the universe and what you will be getting back is more of these negative experiences.

We need to recognize that success leaves traces but there is no shortcut if you want to achieve success. Sometimes it may take more time for results to show, but you must have the faith that results will come and you are expecting to receive them. This thought alone can provide you with huge positive energy that you continuously put in actions to work towards your goal.

Only when desire, belief and expectation are in alignment, you will magnify the power of law of attraction in your life.

Copyright (c) 2007 Karen Lim