Law Of Attraction – Discover How You Can Use It To Increase Focus And Money?

There are many ways you can increase your wealth. One of the highly recommended methods is to focus on what you are good at.

Why does focus help to increase wealth? How can law of attraction help you to focus and produce better results such as making more money?

For new start up, most entrepreneurs tend to do everything by themselves. This is understandable since cost control is the key consideration. In the longer term, however, this strategy will cost you money.

Entrepreneurs have to put their attention on what they are best at. These activities will create tremendous wealth for them.

For example, Peter is a freelance web designer who earns $100/hr for his service. He is a very creative chap and his clients love him. However, Peter hates administrative work like filing.

To save cost, Peter does his administrative work. He drags his feet and spends one day per week to complete the paper work. What he probably does not realize is while he is clearing his paper works, he is stealing time away from his business opportunities. Instead of making $100/hr, he is earning $0/hr from doing the paper work. The loss in income opportunity is $100/hr or $800/week or $41,600/year.

What will you do if you are Peter?

We recommend that Peter engages an administrative helper who drops by his office once a week to help him with the paper work. Assuming he pays this administrative helper $10/hr, he will spend $80/week.

With the extra time save, Peter can now take up more web design projects that pay him $100/hr. He is earning an extra $90/hr or $720/week or $37,440/year when he frees himself from the administrative work.

Even if you are an employee, you can also apply the same wealth-generating concept in your job. You need to realize that your company will only pay you a higher salary if you are delivering a higher valued service, which in turn provides your company with improved profitability.

So if you are a sales manager and you are good in closing deals, you can talk to your boss to request for an administrative helper. By delegating your non-revenue generating activities to someone, you now have more time to focus on closing more deals for the company.

The key success tip here is to focus your time on things that you are good at. When you do the same things over and over again, you will improve your skills over time and one day you will become an expert in that particular area. Customers who need your services are most willing to a higher price for your services.

Now that you understand the need for focus, lets us look at how law of attraction can help you to achieve focus.

Law of attraction states that you become what you think most about. To make law of attraction work, you must fill your thoughts with what you want to be and have positive feelings about what you are doing.

Whatever things you do, you must observe the feeling you have. If you are feeling good, then keep doing. When you do that, your energy vibration will allow you to attract positive events, people and resources, which you require to help you achieve your goal (which is essentially what you are thinking about).

Have you felt passionate over certain things you do? You probably realize that being passionate is a good energy vibration. It gets you into the action mode and as long as you are putting out actions, your results will come. When you get positive results from what you are doing, you become more confident and you will naturally become better in doing it. This brings you to the next higher income level.

In summary, you need to focus on things you have good at. Money only flows into your life when you create a value in your marketplace. Applying the two principles of law of attractions (thoughts and positive feeling) allows you to detect whether you feel passionate about the things you are doing. If you feel passionate about it, then you are on the right route. If you feel frustrated over certain things you are doing, we recommend that you consider delegating these tasks to people who are strong in it. Wealth is not recreated by hard work, rather wealth is created when you focus like a laser beam.

Now that you understand this wealth formula, apply it in your life and start moving towards your goal.

Copyright (c) 2007 Karen Lim