Law Of Attraction – Can You Use It To Win A Lottery?

Someone asked me this interesting question:” If Law of Attraction is so powerful, can I use it to win a lottery?”

Perhaps you are also thinking about this question.

Law of Attraction can allow you to be, do and have whatever you want in your life but I am afraid it does not include lottery winnings.

This is because winning lottery is not in alignment with the key principle of Law of Attraction, which emphasizes that there is abundance in this world. The world has more than enough food, money, people, resources to go around.

Not all of us want the same thing in life. You may want a BMW to drive around whereas I am just looking for a chance to tour the world. Law of Attraction believes that if universe grants you a wish, it will not only give you more abundance in life but also people around you.

It does not believe that granting you wealth will make another person poorer. It has the abundance state of mind.

For this same reason, Law of Attraction works best when you ask for something which will not only benefit you but also other people.

For example, you wish for a successful business that gives you $100,000 income in a year. With this money, you are going to donate 10% of your income to charitable cause.

When people feel abundance, they are more likely to share their abundance with others. Take the titling of income for charitable cause as an example. You must be in the state to believe you are able to attract even more abundance before you are willing to give up 10% of your current income.

When you send out a signal that you have a lot to share, the universe will respond and provide you with more abundance.

However in a lottery winning, the abundance state of mind does not exist because

(1) The winning is limited. There is just so much to go around that pool of people who bet in the lottery.

(2) Millions of people who bet on the lottery all want to win the top prize. Their wishes cancel out each other, resulting in a cancellation effect.

Now that you understand why you can’t rely on wining lottery using Law of Attraction, you may want to consider dedicating your time to focus on your goal and make it a reality. Remember Law of Attraction works best when you ask for something, which will benefit others too.

Copyright (c) 2007 Karen Lim