Law of Attraction – Anger – Introspection and Knowing Yourself

Every morning for the next week before you start your day, go to your bedroom, close the door, and pile all your pillows in the center at the head of the bed. Kneel on the bed with the pillows in front of you. Bow gently to your inner self and to the Universe. Then start beating the living daylights out of the pillows.

Do this as a spiritual exercise. Use either your fists, or another pillow, or a plastic baseball bat. Do it for five to ten minutes, or longer if that feels appropriate.

When the time is up, fall into a heap on the bed and breathe deeply until you catch your breath. When you’ve come back to your center, get up, kneel on the bed as before, and bow again to yourself and the Universe. Then go about your day.

You won’t believe the incredible feeling of lightness you’ll have after doing this. There are so many messages waiting to come to us, but they can’t easily move through the negativity of anger and the bad feelings we frequently carry with us.

Get in touch with how you deal with anger. Do you clan up? Do you harbor burning thoughts? Do you take your anger out on others? Whenever you find yourself reacting in these or any other counterproductive ways of denying anger, go to the pillows and beat the living daylights out of them for a least five minutes, or as long as it takes.

If you have any anger you’ve been carrying around, or if you even suspect that you might, this will be one of the most powerful and liberating things you can do.

You may have to replace your pillows frequently. But that’s probably preferable to having to replace your stomach lining, or a heart valve.

When you find yourself embroiled in any kind of less-than-joyous emotion, such as anger, or frustration, or impatience, or worry, or negative thinking, take a moment and simply ask yourself, “What’s happening here?” Try to figure out what is taking you away from your center.

When you can say, “Ah, that’s anger” or “That’s worry,” then you know what you’re dealing with. You can figure out what you’re angry about or worried about, and then work on it. Often, simply identifying what’s happening will be enough to relieve your distress.

If you’re angry, get to your pillows as soon as possible. Or get some fresh air. Or connect with the sun. Remember to do some deep breathing, which is good for almost anything that ails you.

It’s possible that you’re simply tired, hungry, or thirsty, and that your body and psyche are responding accordingly. If you don’t stop to notice what’s happening, it’s so easy to end up being tired and angry and frustrated all at the same time. Then you’re completely miserable and you don’t know why. Try living your life based on the Law of Attraction: our natural state is pure joy. It’s when we’re truly happy that we’re in touch with our souls. The pain and the suffering we feel through any negative emotion or experience is simply a way to tell us how not to live. When we learn to identify what’s going on, we can make the changes we need to make to get back into our natural state.