Law of attraction and the vibrational universe

The universe, as we know it, is a spectrum of vibrations oscillating at different wavelengths and frequencies. Some range of vibrations manifest in the form of solid, liquid and gas, while others like sound, heat, light and electricity, x-rays and thoughts are only sensed. T here are countless others that vibrate at a frequency imperceptible to humans but some of them are perceptible by certain animals. Elephants for example are known to respond to infrasound and ground-borne vibrations that humans cannot sense.
What we hear the sound are the vibrations that travel at a rate of 1100 feet per second through the denser vibrations of air atmosphere and are conveyed to our brain through the receivers in the ears. How many times have you seen a dog prick up its ears at the sound that you are not aware of? This is because the human ear cannot sense sound waves that vibrate higher than 38,000 frequencies per second. The still higher vibrations are those of heat of which we become aware through the sensitive nerve endings in our skin. Heat vibrations begin with about 1500,000 frequencies per second and above this range will burn the skin.
Light and color vibrate at an even higher frequency. However, the human eye is only sensitive to vibrations within a certain frequency that lie within the visible color spectrum, with red being at the bottom and violet at the top. Beyond violet are ultra-violet rays whose wavelengths are so short and vibrate at such a rapid frequency that even though they pass through human eye, they are not perceptible to us. Below the bottom range of red light rays, are infrared light waves that vibrate at a much slower frequency, so slow that they are also not registered by the human eye but are registered by nocturnal animals like owls and cats.
Electro-magnetic vibrations, more commonly known as radio waves, travels at the rate of 186,00 miles per second. These are transformed and then transmitted by your local broadcasting station into the sound waves that you hear over your radio.
Higher up the scale-though how high has not been ascertained-are the vibrations of thought waves generated by the human mind. These thought waves are capable of penetrating dense solids and travel thousands of miles instantaneously!
Now, it should be clear to you that our universe and all that exists in it is a vast field of attracting and repulsing vortices of oscillating waves that pulsate at different wave-lengths and frequencies and that thought waves which emanate from the human mind are the most potent. Since the strength of a set of vibrations depends upon their rate of frequency and wavelength, it becomes quite evident why thought waves are the most powerful. All these mentioned facts and figures must have made it clear to you that the differences between solids, liquids, gasses, sound, heat, light, Electro-magnetic and thought waves are simply a matter of difference between the intensity or frequency of their vibrations. In other words we can say that the whole universe-our earth, planets, sun, distant stars, galaxies and beyond is nothing but a pulsating embodiment of vibrations of all ranges and frequencies.
You have heard about the law of attraction many times, but you never truly understand how does it work? It works according to the Law of vibration . In the same way that the law of gravity consistently responds to all of the physical matter of the planet, the law of attraction consistently responds to all vibrations. Every projection of thought, whether you are focused into the past, present, or future, is vibration and has attraction power. Each thought offers a signal, similar to a radio signal, which the law of attraction recognizes and matches. This powerful, consistent law of attraction offers consistent results in response to the vibration that you offer.
Now we should understand things don’t just happen to us accidentally. There are no coincidences. There are no miracles. Everything happened as a result of our mental vibrations. Everything we have attracted by our own thoughts. We are the creators. The realisation of this truth and understanding about universe as a spectrum of vibration is absolutely necessary if we wish to control our destiny. For after all, what is destiny? It is sum total of the vibrations that surround us all, crisscrossing and acting and counteracting till the dominant vibration gives a definite pattern of frequency and direction to our vibrations, and thus sets up a destiny for us. However, since we are an exceptionally developed part of the universal Intelligence, we can control and direct our thought waves in spite of the interfering extraneous vibration, to set up a desired course of frequency. Now we know that Future is created by all the thoughts of Man in the PRESENT. Astrology helps us to foretell the future because what happens in the world of thoughts has its corresponding expression in the arrangement of the universe. Everything follows a system of cause and effect. Therefore what happens in the present will follow a perfectly orderly path that results in what the future will be like.
The truth about Astrology is that the stars do not determine our fate, they merely reflect it. Neither do the stars have the power to make or unmake anyone. It is because they are merely vibrations of light and heat. They cannot possibly determine the fate of such intelligent living beings as men. The same is true for any system of Divination.Since Man’s thinking can be changed from time to time, the state of the Future is in constant flux. That is why whatever is foretold by Astrology does not always come true. It is not because the prediction is inaccurate. It was indeed something that was going to happen at the moment the stars were read, but the thoughts of the person that created the situation had changed. Therefore the Future was changed. What was supposed to happen at first has been overridden. Thought creates Fate, Fortune and Destiny. Therefore when thought is changed, destiny is changed. When thought is fixed, destiny is fixed.
© Copyright 2007 by BASAVARAJ UDAPUDI