Launching New Products Without Blowing Your Budget

Launching a new product is often the joy of many entrepreneurs. However, many entrepreneurs start this process by shooting their efforts in the foot, then wondering why their ambitions are only limping along.

In order to avoid this common error, entrepreneurs must come to understand a couple of facts that seem very cruel to most egos. One fact is that, at the launch stage, no one cares about your new product but you. The second fact is that you must find a way change fact number one.

Sure, I know what just popped into your head. You thought, (well, I will just advertise my product and let the money roll in.) That sounds good, but if we could somehow convene a committee of the owners of failed product launches of times past, you would find that they thought the same thing at the beginning of their campaigns. They did just that. And not only did they NOT make money; they lost money they already had in hand.

There must be an educational process implemented at the launch of any product. Just coming out of nowhere and telling consumers to buy your product is rarely successful.

Much like the age old question of which comes first chicken or the egg, there is the question of which comes first advertising or developing consumer’s interest in your product. Many people think these are the same but they aren’t.

When you present information online about a new product you must consider the web surfers patience and tolerance for reading what you have to say about your product. Since there is no distance in cyberspace, web surfers can leave websites very quickly. Bore them and you loose them. Entertain them and they will read every word of your promotional material and be happy to do it. They’ll absorb your product’s info in the process.

The question that remains is how to entertain them long enough to get your product information into their head. Flashy websites won’t do it anymore. They are a dime a dozen in this template driven Internet age. You must have a hook.

Listing your website in entertaining areas of the Internet can be a great way to get your product noticed and appreciated for what it has to offer to consumers.

Lately, companies both large and small have employed this angle in the physical world. Baseball games, football games, basketball games etc. have been inundated by ads and product introductions. Employing these tactics online are a lot less expensive and a lot easier to implement.

There are multiple ways of doing this. One of the most interesting means of introducing a product to the public is to immerse your product introduction into entertaining websites, but even greater than that is to make your introduction documentation itself into the entertainment.

Websites like allow product launch materials to capture the full attention of prospective buyers by making the introduction materials part of a game the consumer is already playing. Users look for spelling and other errors to report them to the owner. They read every word, catching the full impact of the sales pitch and learn all of the feature intricacies of the product in question.

One of the side benefits of employing this type of technique is the perfection of sales materials. This makes product offers even more appealing to future customers.