Latin Dance

The Unknown Benefits of Latin Dance

Why do people go crazy over Latin dance?

Some of the more obvious reasons are because Latin dance has the moves, the style and the statement. Seeing dancers moving into the Latin rhythm is enough to entice one into learning it too. Once the moves are perfected, it is likely that you will feel like the next Shakira or Ricky Martin.

But Latin dance is not just about the physical appearance and the popularity. There are other benefits that you can get from Latin dance that you do not know about. These are the physical and psychological benefits.

Some physical benefits of Latin dance.

1. Latin dance can help you be more conscious of what your body is capable of. Like all other type of dancing, you need to attain the grace and lightness in order to make the proper moves.

Together with this is the proper posture that your body should practice. Ever notice how dancers stand erect and in the right posture even though they are not dancing. This is the discipline that is taught early on to dancers.

2. With Latin dance, you can achieve the flexibility and harmony that you never thought you possess. This is because you need to move with the music.

You have to move with the rhythm of the music you have chosen. This is the only way to be able to appreciate Latin dance.

3. Latin dance can improve your memory. From the start, you need to memorize the Latin dance sequence and the steps. You have to a lot some time in memorizing them and keeping them stored in your mind so you can execute them in your performance.

Keeping your mind active before and during the Latin dance execution is the only way you can make it work for you.

4. Latin dance is a form of exercise without the pressure. On the other hand, you will be exercising while enjoying what you are doing.

The different body moves can improve your lung and heart functions. Moreover, you can also tone your muscles and enhance the use of joints that are not used much.

Some psychological benefits of Latin dance.

1. Latin dance can eliminate your shyness and increase your self-esteem. For sure, there are times when you feel that you are not good in anything. But once you start dancing, you forget about all these things and just concentrate on the music and your moves.

With Latin dancing, you will not hesitate in showing people what you are capable of. Using your moves, you are given the time to shine and enjoy being in the spotlight just like everyone else.

2. Latin dance can release pent up stress. People have different outlets for releasing their stress. Latin dance is one of them. For dancers, this is the best way they can express whatever feelings they have. Furthermore, this is the form of release they need after a hectic day or schedule.

After enjoying Latin dancing, you will feel refreshed and might be able to come to a decision about something that is bothering you for sometime. Try Latin dance after a hard day’s work and feel the rejuvenating effects it will provide for you.

Now you know that there is more to Latin dance than just what you see on videos and on television. Do not be left behind what other people are harvesting. Get into Latin dancing!