Latin Dance Song

Get Your Groove Back with Style with These Latin Dance Songs

When you want to have your fix with the best Latin dances of all time, there is simply no better way to dance along with them. Get your groove back by dancing along with the Latin dance hits that popularized the dance culture.

One of the best things to dance along is cha-cha, rumba, mambo and all other things that originated from the Latin culture. One thing you can do to stretch those hips is to dance along with the Latin dance hits.

There are songs popularized from each of the genre, here are some of the popularized songs that you might have already heard.


Dubbed as “conversation with the gods”, you might not have heard of them but here are some of the popular songs for the dance style;
•Mambo Italiano by Rosemary Clooney
• Papa Loves Mambo by Perry Como
• Mambo #5 by Lou Bega


This is a Latin dance style which is also known as Brazilian folk dance. This is one of the most difficult dances on the ballroom dance list; here are some of the tunes that you can dance along;

• La Isla Bonita by Madonna
• Maria
• Caliente


This is the mambo-esque style of dancing. They have a triple imitative sound being produced with mambo; this became a dance on itself. They could also be called triple mambo. This is one of the more popular fusion of Latin dances, often performed during social gatherings. Here is one of the most popular songs with the cha-cha dance style;

• Abajo Y Ariba by Tito Puente
• A Donde Vas by Tito Puente
• Apagame El Fuego by Lebron Brothers (slowed)
• Aprieta El Pollo by Ray Barretto


This is the sauce of Latin dances indeed. Salsa is an up-tempo Latin dance of Cuban origin. One of the popular creative dance styles, this began on the late 1960’s but still a very popular dance being also being performed during social gatherings, some example of salsa songs are;

• Colombia Salsera by Louie Ramire
• Cuando Te Vea by Tito Puente
• Dame Ese Placer by Erick
• Distinto Y Diferente by Don Perignon
• Duele Mas by Grupo Niche


Originated in Argentina, particularly in Buenos Aires, this dance style is defined as cat-like walk along with staccato movements of the head. Tango is also one of the most popular dances being performed. This has a very passionate musical tempo with noticeable syncopated beats. Here are some of the examples of the Tango dance music;

• Tango Argentino by Trio Hugo Diaz
• Fernando’s Hideaway by Provocative Drums
• Leopoldo Federico y su Orquesta by La Cumparsita

Having a music library being added constantly everywhere, you can always have a nice session along with your friends and other dance enthusiasts. The songs can be usually bought on a music store, but in the modern times, you can get a song practically anywhere on the internet. Rare songs and other dance related materials are always available when using an online medium, so count on online music stores if you are missing the Latin dance tune you heard before.

Latin dances are one of the most widely-used dances on public performances. On the ballroom dancing scene, they can be dubbed as international Latin; some of the dances have an African origin but have been popularized in Latin countries. Dancing along with songs such as these are not an easy feat, you may need a dance instructor or a dance instruction video if you are still an amateur. But for the dance-experienced individuals, you can always count on Latin dances to get your groove back.