Latin Dance Lesson

Latin Dance Lessons not Taught in Any Schools

Just like in school, there are lessons you will learn in Latin dance. These lessons are not only about the dance itself. Some of the more important lessons to learn are about etiquette and how to get along well with other dancers.

Learning about these valuable Latin dance lessons will make you a better dancer, a good peer and a professional companion. It can be noted that in the world of performers, it is important that proper manners are maintained. This is the best way of showing how professional you really are.

What are some of the lessons you should know about in Latin dance?

1. Sitting out a few numbers if the dance floor is overcrowded.

There are times when the number of dancers exceeds the capacity of the dance floor. When this happens, the tendency is for dancers to overcrowd in the dance area. What will follow will be a series of bumping and pushing into one another which can result in bad tempers.

If you are the professional that you are, you will decide to sit out on some numbers in order to give way to other dancers. It would be better if other dancers will do the same. This way, each can perform their number without limitations and with pure enjoyment.

2. Not interfering with other dancers.

Another valuable lesson to learn in Latin dance is to not interfere with other dancers. This is especially while performing. There may be times when you need to share one dance floor. And it happens that other dancers are performing ahead of you while you make your entrance.

The best way to do it is to start at a particular spot not so close to the dancers. When you see that they need to move into your space, allow them some extra spot in order to complete their performance. Once they are finished with theirs, you will have the space to yourself and the next ones to you will be the one who will make the allowances for you.

3. The dance floor is for dancing.

Do not use the dance floor to talk to your friends, discuss or argue about something. Dance floors are not sitting areas where you can do just about anything.

There might be dancers performing on the dance floor. Your presence will be a big distraction to them. They might lose their concentration and lose their rhythm in the process.

4. Avoid blocking other dancers.

You might need to step into the dance floor while other dancers are performing. If you need to do this, avoid blocking the dancers that are performing at that moment.

Walk around or though them if you want to get across the other side of the floor. This is one way of showing courtesy to your peers. You would not want them to block you if you are the one dancing so do not do it to them.

5. Always apologize.

Do not take for granted accidents like bumping into another or stepping into foot of someone. Even if they are accidents, it would not hurt to apologize and say sorry to the person you have done these things to.

Being considerate to your peers is one of the attitudes that will make you stand out.

If all dancers would take these Latin dance lessons by heart, then you can expect a harmony not only in the dance floor but also in the performance of each and every one of you.