Latin Dance Competition

Tips to Help You Stand Out in Latin Dance Competitions

Latin dance competitions are all about visibility. You need to be seen by the judges properly so that they can give scores for your skill. Standing out in such competitions should be a very big priority for you. There are several factors which you must consider in order for you to stand out form among the different dancers. Here are a few tips:

1) Begin with the choreography – If you want to join a Latin dance competition, you have to plan ahead. The best way to stand out in a sea of dancers is to move differently.

However, in the world of dancing today, all competitors move differently. They all know that this is the key to being noted as a cut above the rest. What you need to do is differentiate your differences.

Of course, all of those joining in a Latin dance competition move differently but somehow, there are certain movements which they use similarly. You need to find these and make them your own. Make a bit of variation to the moves –not enough to disqualify you, but enough to make a difference. Live on the edge and amaze everyone.

2) Pick costumes carefully – Not many people know the fact that costumes will affect the way that your dance is seen by the judges of the Latin dance competition. Tightly fitted clothing is not very forgiving of flaws in the dance. That is to say, it shows mistakes very easily. You need to find costumes that showcase your talent without revealing every minor flaw and turning it into a major mistake. In picking costumes, you should also keep in mind that we do not all have the bodies of models. You need to find something that shows off your best assets, whatever they might be.

3) Study the venue – Sometimes, it is important to have different costumes on back-up. When you get to the venue, study the decorations and the design. You need to make sure that your costume does not look like it was something ripped out of the backdrop. Pick a costume which will show off your movements against the decorations in the Latin dance competition.

Another reason for studying the venue is so that you can make final adjustments for your choreography. You need to make sure that your dancing will be accommodated by the area provided. You also might want to pick out a spot which will provide you with maximum visibility.

4) Create a mood – You could try to create a bond with your audience and captivate them with your moves. You could also try to create a mood between you and your partner. This mood of privacy will help draw in the audience and help keep their eyes on you. This is a great way to get noticed by the judges in a Latin dance competition.

5) Take advantage of the light – If you are in the spotlight, make use of that opportunity to flourish your moves. Being in the light means you are in the eyes of the audience. You should take advantage of this opportunity and show off your best skill.

These are just some of the things that you can do to gain an advantage in Latin dance competition. You just need to plan ahead and remember to be flexible. Sometimes, things may not go as planned so you’ll have to wing it for a while.