Lasik Eye Surgery Exposed

Lasik eye surgery stands for Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. It actually reduces people’s dependence on their glasses or contact lenses and involves a simple short surgical procedure on your eye using a cool laser beam. The whole procedure is virtually painless, takes only minutes per eye and is a one day procedure so you may go home the next day.
The Lasik procedure is as simple as the following three easy steps.

1. The cornea is like a few layers of stacked paper. An instrument
called a microkeratome gently glides across the top two of these
layers creating a flap which has like a hinge.
2. The doctor then has access to the third layer or the stroma of your
eye. The Excimer Laser then alters the shape of the cornea by the effect it has on the stroma.
3. The flap is then repositioned back over the newly contoured stroma without the need for stitches as eye tissue binds together
very quickly and simply on its own.

After this simple process, you are then sent home to rest. You will feel a
little discomfort, rather like having an eye lash stuck in your eye for about 12 hours or so until the healing process is well under way.

On average, one in 5 people are not suitable for Lasik surgery and this
can only be determined by a professional. Those not deemed suitable for Lasik may be more suited to other types of surgery so it is important to be aware of your options.

One of the best parts about Lasik eye surgery is that by the next day, your vision will have improved to the point where you can at least drive a car. Many people report their eyesight having improved to 20/20 vision!
The end result hopefully of Lasik surgery is to return the cornea to as close to a normal shape as possible, and in doing so improve your vision. Although Lasik surgery appears to produce what seem to be miraculous cures, it is also possible that complications may be included in the end result.

For those in the forty plus bracket who decide to try Lasik surgery, they may discover that they still require eyeglasses for reading. If you are thinking about Lasik eye surgery, you would be well advised to do thorough research, gather all the facts and get a solid understanding of what you should expect before committing to the procedure.