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Laser acne treatment has been used to eliminate scars resulting from acne as well as a method to clear up existing acne. Scars are common in people who have suffered from severe or cystic acne in the past. Acne scars are difficult to treat and this often results in unhappiness if a scar treatment fails. Laser acne treatment has become increasingly popular as dermatologists have worked toward advancement.

There has been controversy over the safety and effectiveness of this procedure as used to clear up existing acne. It is still a fairly new procedure so long-term negative effects have not been determined. It does benefit people who do not want to risk prolonged use of antibiotics for their acne. For some people, laser acne treatment does not work as desired. In others, it has been a great success. The technique involves the application of a yellow light to destroy acne causing bacteria. The light works with a substance in the bacteria to create the oxygen your skin needs. A laser has also proven to increase the growth of natural collagen to prevent scars from forming. A V-beam is a laser that is designed to lower the appearance of redness in acne or its remaining scars.

Laser resurfacing of the skin is performed after the scars are present. This is usually done for people who have endured severe cystic acne in the past. Cystic acne will often rupture or burst and result in permanent scarring. This is because this type of acne starts from deep below the surface of the skin. Laser acne treatment for scars is expensive and sometimes requires more than one treatment. The actual procedure entails the application of topical anesthetic and then a laser vaporizing the layers of damaged skin. This allows for new cells to form so smoother, younger-looking skin can appear. However, in some cases, it caused the skin pigment to decrease and make the face appear much lighter than the rest of the body.

The advantages of laser acne treatment for scars is that it is easier to be control the depth of treatment than most other treatments. Some people undergoing this procedure only have surface scars and do not require deep treatment to fix. Other people have very deep scars and need a deeper laser penetration. Laser acne treatment is the most successful way to treat your scars uniquely.

The recovery period for laser acne treatment all depends on the amount of treatment you required. Most people will experience swelling and some redness. The swelling usually goes away a lot faster than the redness, which can last for weeks after the treatment. Commonly, your doctor will also give you a topical ointment to apply to your skin following the laser treatment.

An additional advantage to laser treatment on acne is that it could smooth wrinkles. You could get the effect of expensive Botox injections as a side effect to getting rid of the appearance of acne scars. The reason is because the laser increases the production of collagen in your face. So while you get clear skin, you are also getting a rejuvenated and younger effect as well.