Lapis Lazuli Jewelry – For That True Blue Feeling

Lapis Lazuli is called Lapis or Lazulite as well. It originated from the Arabic word ‘lazaward’ from which the word "azure" was derived. Lapis lazuli is a rich azure blue color that has a mixture of minerals, mainly alcite and lazurite, generally with sparkles of iron pyrites. The finest quality lapis lazuli originates from Afghanistan, where it has been extracted ever since the ancient times. In the year 1271, Marco Polo stumbled upon ancient lapis excavations in Afghanistan and from there it was sold to other countries like India, Germany, Russia and China.

In ancient times, the Egyptians, who generally made use of it in their seals, most likely also got hold of their supplies from Afghanistan. The Lapis Lazuli is a magnificent stone and was honored in ancient Egypt as well as by the Jews, since it adorned the high priest’s body armor. It was made use of in Egypt to calm the bad effects of acts of incest, as the pharaohs who were the rulers of ancient Egypt, as a rule used to marry their eldest sisters. For many centuries lapis lazuli in a powdered form was utilized as a color in oil paintings.

Lapis Lazuli is believed to encourage friendship and support and protect against cruelty and wickedness. Lapis Lazuli is alleged to be the stone of truth and honesty, and is considered to develop intelligence, inner vision and psychological transparency. It could facilitate a person to conquer misery, developing feelings of tranquility and self- recognition, and is alleged to help establish success in relationships and optimism within the person wearing it.

Lapis Lazuli makes a person tap his or her own inner power and at the same time it also cleanses the soul and the thought processes. It facilitates getting in touch with the spirit guardians. The Lapis Lazuli is thought to be supportive to the mind as well as the body. In addition it can cure health issues like infections, sleeplessness, misery, nightmares and PMS. Lapis Lazuli drains out all the concealed pessimistic energies and ailments.

In addition, it is utilized in the treatment of the immune system, throat, thymus, bone marrow and vertigo. Lapis lazuli happens to be one of the birthstones for the month of December along with turquoise, signifying success. People born in the month of December are advised to wear Lapis Lazuli.

Deep inside the very nature of our existence, our senses have their very own existence. The various faiths on our planet, mythology, legends and the supernatural, revere the color blue.

1). Blue is a sign of the reviving air that we all breathe.

2). All the waterfalls, seas and oceans happen to be blue in color.

3). Blue is a sign of the truth, heaven, a new beginning and reincarnation.

4). Blue is the vision of clear, radiant skies.

5). Blue is a sign of serenity, harmony and optimism, the beginning of a new day, a new start, and a new opportunity for life.

Lapis Lazuli, stumbled upon by ancient civilizations, was worshipped as a holy stone. It is believed to be the stone of integrity and friendship.