Land Patent

Provide you exclusive right to become the proprietor of the land. Once you become a proprietor you are free to use the land as per your own wish. You can use it for personal, commercial or other purpose as per your requirements.

Right, title or interest to a tract (or piece) of land is exclusively granted to an individual or to a private company for their purpose by the government of that country. Different countries may have some different procedure for granting exclusive rights but the central idea remains the same. These land patents are also referred by some different names like final certificate or first title deed.

The government has lands which it provides to other people so that they can use that tract of land for earning livelihood or for building residential house. The government may have acquired the land by different means. For example in United States the government acquired the land from France, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Hawaii, England, and from the Native American Indians.

The lands were either obtained by peaceful treaty and negotiations or by war. The United States had to fight battle with the Native American Indians to get lands. After the Revolutionary War for Independence from England the States was able to acquire vast tract of land. After the acquisition these lands were exclusively reserved for the citizens of United States.

The land patent makes you the heir of the land and by becoming the heir you have the exclusive rights to name the heir of your land whenever you desire doing so. Once you sign the land patent you become the proprietor of the land forever and no law can force to vacate the land unless and until specified in the patent.

If you committed some frauds or have been involved in other illegal acts then you may be debarred from occupying or using the land. The patentee is free to assign his land to other person who he feels so; the documents which carry the detail of such transactions are called as deeds.

You have to sign the document which is called as “Declaration of Land Patent”. Signing of this document clearly indicates that you have accepted all terms and conditions and accordingly you have been allowed to acquire the piece of land.

There are those who are against the land patent. They argue that these patents have lost its efficacy in the present time and do not hold good. The major reasons for such negativity is the ignorance, people are today not at all aware of the land patents and so they do not go for it. So it is very important that the people should be made aware about it. Public awareness is the nee of the time and the government should take steps in this direction.

Although arguments and counter-arguments will always exist but it is a known fact that patent have helped many people and are also helping more event today. So if you want to own a land go opt for land patents.