Lady Elliot Island on the fabulous Great Barrier Reef of Australia

Now is the time to start thinking about your next holiday and where you would like to go. Why not have serious looks at visiting Lady Elliot Island on the fabulous Great Barrier Reef of Australia? This is the one place where you will find all of Australia’s best natural attractions, all in the one place, and complemented by great family accommodation. Lady Elliot Island is situated in the state of Queensland, in Australia’s north and enjoys a superb sub tropical climate. Here is a place where fantastic beaches meet the best family and relaxed lifestyle resort you can find and the result is sensational. Lady Elliot Island has iconic status on the Australian diving calendar. It has a reputation for being one of the best family Island Resort in the Great Barrier Reef region. The Island is situated just off the south eastern Queensland coast and is accessed from Hervey Bay airport which is on Australia’s domestic air circuit. Hervey Bay is a great destination in its own right. From here you can visit Fraser Island which is the world’s largest sand island and has spectacular lakes and rain forest. Hervey Bay whale watching is also well known world wide as this is one of the few places in the world from which you can see the annual migration of the humpback whale in comfort and in calm water. Lady Elliot Island is a true coral cay and as such it is located right on the reef itself. Here you can walk straight out of your accommodation onto the beach and start snorkeling straight away.

There are so many things to do around Lady Elliot Island that it is nearly impossible to experience them all. The island is a seabird rookery and sanctuary. Many species, some of them extremely rare, return to the island every year to raise their young. Lady Elliot is also a turtle rookery and several species come here to lay their eggs during the breeding season. The hatchlings are fascinating to watch as they make there dash for the open sea. Lady Elliot Island is noted as one of the best dive destinations on the Great Barrier Reef. Visibility of 30 meters plus is commonplace. There is also fishing trips available and you can catch a coral trout or red emperor for your dinner. This has to be one of the world’s best places to just laze around in the sun with no mobile phone or TV access.

Lady Elliot Island has a range of accommodation options. There are cabin style apartments along the beachfront. Comfortable tent cabins cater for those with a budget to meet. There is also a great restaurant so you can pick and choose a different style of food every night. The island runs its own air transfer company which makes your island access very convenient. The view of the island and the reef is awe inspiring when you arrive. The resort has many other features which include fishing, wind surfing, snorkeling, and diving. Hervey Bay airport is on the domestic circuit and can be accessed from many Australian destinations. There are also many domestic flight options if you want to make Lady Elliot Island part of a full Australian holiday including some of its other iconic destinations such as Ayers Rock, the Sydney Opera House, the Gold Coast and Cairns. has a wealth of holiday information for Australia and New Zealand including information on accommodation, attractions and transfers.