Kundalini Yoga Information | Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is considered the most powerful form of yoga. Kundalini yoga comes from the Sanskrit word kundal, which means the lock of the hair from the beloved. The hair symbolizes the unlimited potential inside each individual.

Basic Idea behind Kundalini Yoga

In Kundalini Yoga the creating and sustaining Sakti of the entire body is in fact and truly united with Lord Siva. It uses asanas, pranayama, and mantra. It is based upon Kundalini energy which is “one’s dormant spiritual energy.”

This energy is symbolized as a coiled up snake at the base of the spine, which is the first chakra. The energy is released through breathing, chanting, and movement in order that you can recognize your full potential.

It brings together the masculine and feminine powers of the body. The goal of Kundalini yoga is to move the Kundalini energy up through all seven chakras. When you reach the seventh chakra you experience enlightenment.
Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

* Balancing of emotions
* Strengthening of the nervous system
* Increases energy level
* Enlivens sense of awareness
* Encourages sense of peace
* Brings clarity to the mind
* Stress reduction
* Strengthens the immune system
* Increases lung capacity for better breathing
* Supports and encourages personal transformation and growth
* Orients consciousness to create happiness and health

Kundalini yoga is not only useful in strengthening the health and well-being of the physical body, but also very useful for emotional balance, stress relief, mental clarity, and personal transformation. Kundalini can be awakened by various means and these different methods are called by different names, viz., Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, etc.


A yoga practitioner should know something about the spinal column, which is the location of five of the seven chakras, or energy centers to practice Kundalini yoga. We all know that the spinal column is part of the human nervous system, which also includes the brain and nerves.

These things jointly are responsible for our thought, imagination, memory, and intelligence. Five of the seven chakras are situated alongside the spinal column and the remaining two chakras are situated on the head one in the middle and one on the top.

A person can visualize the Kundalini energy traveling up the spine as he or she breathes. This energy begins and ends with that individual. It is the awakening of the self. Often a person will feel warmth along the chakras, when an individual awaken the Kundalini energy. Others have reported they feel a tingling sensation.

Kundalini yoga includes a set of postures and exercises that work on a particular area of the body, mind, and spirit. There are hundreds of these sets, which can be used to awaken a yoga practitioner to his or her full potential.

These postures deal with each aspect of human nature right from the issues of physical health to issues of mental health to general well being.

Yoga practitioner enters a state of deep relaxation often accompanied by spiritual music and sometimes a gong after the completion of the sets. Lastly, the yoga practitioner of kundalini yoga ends up with a breath or mantra meditation.