Krishna’s Body is Spiritual and No Loss of Diminution

Krishna’s Body is Spiritual. Krishna is non-different from His body. His body is eternal, full of bliss, and knowledge. He never changes His body, but in His selfsame body appears in different ways, according to His desires, in His various incarnations .This is the same as a dramatic artist who can expertly assume different roles according to the scripts which he is called upon to perform. It is stated in the Vedic literatures, that when we see God in His original manifestation, He is known as Krishna–the all attractive Personality of Godhead.

In His various manifestations in this world, Krishna establishes religious principles; annihilates miscreants, and helps His devotees. At the same time, He exhibits these activities to attract people who have no information about God other than their faulty speculation or the speculations of others such as theologians. When people see or hear about Krishna’s wonderful activities, they become attracted to Him, and become interested in spiritual life.

Krishna also enjoys acting in many different ways. God is not impersonal. He has desires like ourselves, but His desires are not fraught with the impurities that contaminate ours. He enjoys dancing, playing, singing, fighting, and all the activities that we can imagine.

In the spiritual world these activities are constantly going on. This is the destination of the pure devotees of the Lord: to interact with the Lord in His eternal pastimes.

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No Loss of Diminution. All material accomplishments are finished at the time of death. "You can’t take it with you." The pharaohs in Egypt were buried with their worldly belongings (including their wives and servants); yet thousands of years later their bodies were dug up and all the worldly belongings were still there (unless grave robbers had taken them). We come into this world naked and leave in the same way, regardless of what we have acquired in this lifetime: prestige, money, family, education, etc.

Devotional service performed in this lifetime is never lost. If one becomes 1 percent Krishna conscious in this lifetime, he will take up devotional service from this point in the next. Krishna informs us that in Krishna consciousness there is no loss or diminution, and that a little Krishna consciousness will protect one from the most dangerous situation–losing the facility of having a human body in the next life.

A devotee who leaves his body after a little devotional service goes to the heavenly planets, and thereafter takes birth in a well-to-do family. During this birth he gets further opportunities to progress in devotional service.

A devotee who leaves his body after a great deal of devotional service takes birth in a family of transcendentalists where he is immediately engaged in devotional service and is able to perfect his Krishna consciousness.

Of course, a devotee who leaves this world after perfecting his devotional service, never comes back to this world again, but attains Krishna’s eternal abode, Goloka Vrindavana.

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