Krishna is the Reservoir of all Beauty and Krishna’s Energies

Krishna, the Supreme Lord, has three types of energies: 1. Material, 2. Spiritual, and 3. Marginal. The material energy is the dull matter that has no consciousness. The spiritual energy is the conscious energy that is devoted to His service. The marginal energy consists of the living entities–individual souls, such as ourselves, that have the choice of either identifying with matter or spirit.

In actuality, the marginal potency (individual spirit souls) is also spiritual. Because of his marginal position, the soul can be illusioned by the material energy, and completely forget his real nature. As soon as the soul associates with the material nature, he becomes conditioned. He tries to enjoy this material world, which is by nature different from him, and consequently he is frustrated in his attempt.

If the spirit soul associates with the spiritual nature through the processes of devotional service: hearing about Krishna, chanting His glories, remembering Him, worshiping Him, serving His lotus feet, offering prayers, carrying out His orders, becoming His friend, and surrendering to Him, the soul will be situated in his constitutional position and enjoy unlimitedly.

The soul is often compared to a small spark that will only continue blazing as long as it remains in the fire. When it is removed from the fire its. illumination is quickly extinguished. Similarly, the soul will experience eternity, bliss and knowledge only as long as he remains engaged in Krishna’s service. Otherwise, his true nature will be covered.

Krishna is in everyone’s heart, and, in fact, in every atom of the creation. Nothing exists without Krishna. He appears in His expansion as the Supersoul. In this form, He is guiding us in this world giving us intelligence, remembrance, and forgetfulness; and patiently waiting for us to give up our futile endeavor to enjoy the material world.

The Vedic literatures describe that there are two souls in the heart of every entity: God and the individual soul. This is compared to two birds in a tree; one bird is trying to enjoy the fruits of the tree, while the other is observing. When the bird who is trying to enjoy (the individual soul) turns to the observing bird (God), God becomes pleased and sends a spiritual master to the individual soul to guide him on his spiritual path.

Because the conditioned soul is covered with the material energy, he is not capable of perceiving directly the existence and direction of the Supersoul who is situated next to him in the heart; but when the Supersoul sends His external manifestation (the spiritual master) to help the sincere seeker, the soul is able to perceive spiritual reality through the words of the spiritual master. Gradually, as the soul comes to Krishna consciousness, he will be able to perceive Krishna in his heart, as well as in everything around Him.
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Krishna is the reservoir of all beauty. The Bhagavad-gita states that everything comes from Krishna. In the tenth chapter, He says that He is the source of all material and spiritual worlds.

As the Universal Form, Krishna’s features are bewildering even to his pure devotees. But, in His original feature with two hands holding a flute, He is unlimitedly attractive. Devotees are interested in worshiping Krishna in His original form.

The source of anything contains all the qualities present in the emanation and more. For example, in our homes we have the benefit of electricity which ultimately comes from a large power station situated miles away. We can understand that the power station’s capacity to generate electricity far exceeds the tiny amount that we have access to in our homes. The beauty of Krishna far exceeds anything that is present in His creation.

The attractive features of Krishna have been classified in six different divisions by the great sages. He is 1. All beautiful, possessing perfect bodily characteristics, 2. All knowing, 3. Completely renounced, 4. The strongest person, 5. The most wealthy, and 6. The most famous.

The more we learn about Krishna, His appearance, His qualities, and His personality, the more we will be attracted to Him and our natural love for Him will be awakened.

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