Knowledge is Dead… Try DOledge Instead!

The great Earl Nightingale once said that all that was required in order to live a great life was to live a series of great years. To live a great year merely required a series of great days and a great day was but the sum total of the great hours, minutes and seconds that that one chooses to put together.

When put that way, success sounds really easy doesn’t it? Simply string together one great day after another and you’re there!

So why is it then, if the recipe for success and happiness is that simple, that so many of us struggle to gain any appreciable success for ourselves? After all, we all want more from our lives than we’re currently getting so why do we have so much trouble getting what we want?

Well, it’s certainly not a lack of knowledge that’s for sure.

In fact, at this moment in time we have more knowledge available to us on the subject of success than at any other time in history. The books and audios programs currently available on the subject of success could quite easily fill a skyscraper!

Throughout the ages, various philosophers, theologians and success authors have gone to great lengths to spell out step-by-step the EXACT ingredients required to make success and happiness a reality for all of us and yet most of us still find ourselves struggling to get by in life.


We know it’s not a lack of knowledge, so what is it?

One word….


Do –ledge!

I know, you’re thinking “That’s not even a real word” but trust me, it should be!

If knowledge is the sum total of the things you know, then doledge is the sum total of the things you DO.

The two are not the same. You ‘know’ many, many things that you could and should be doing better than you are but you simply are not doing them because you lack the doledge to bring them about.

In fact, because you lack doledge, most of what you know is useless. A complete waste of mental space.

Not only that, all of your acquired knowledge is as frustrating as hell because you ‘know’ what’s possible for you but you’re not experiencing it. Worse still, any further increase in knowledge, books you read, courses you attend, just increases the frustration as the gap between what you know and what you do widens further still.

It’s enough to drive you mad!

Yet this madness is so easy to avoid.

You’ve just got to DO something!

Correction; you got to do something, then do something, then do something.

You see, whilst the famous Lao Tsu quote “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” is correct, it is only part complete. What is left unsaid (though hopefully obvious) is that in order to complete a journey of any kind, we have to continue putting one foot in front of the other.

That’s doledge!

The simple yet highly effective strategy of taking the single step day-in, day-out until the journey is complete.

Could you imagine if, every single day for 100 days, you were to take action on the biggest, wildest dreams you currently hold in your head?

The book you want to write?

The business you want to start?

The home you want to own?

The travel you want to take?

The adventures you want to have?

Can you imagine?…

If you can imagine, you’re in luck, because if you can hold it in your head, you can hold it in your hands…

IF and only if, you apply regular and constant doledge to your dreams.

And you can start right now by making the commitment to taking action and applying doledge at every opportunity that presents itself. If you get an idea for something then do it. If an opportunity arises then do it. If anything that you want in your life requires action of ANY kind that you can do right now, then DO IT!

This isn’t exactly rocket science, nor is it new or revolutionary information of any kind. It’s what you’ve known all your life yet, as we’ve discussed already, what you ‘know’ will not get you what you want in life. It’s what you do that counts.

Apply Doledge to your life every single day for the next 100 days and you’ll be stunned at how your life changes… I guarantee it!