Knowing More About Discharge, Early Pregnancy Symptom

Most of the pregnant women assume to have an increase in the discharge, early pregnancy symptom from the vagina. Well, they are right!

Why Does This Happen?

Before you got pregnant, you might have noticed an odorless or slight smelling white discharge in your panties. This is normal leucorrhea. Well, one of the early pregnancy symptoms is the same discharge, but now it’s a little more. Why? Because your body is brimming with estrogen hormone right now and there is a gush of blood flow into your vagina. The discharge contains vagina and cervix secretions, matured cells from vaginal wall, and normal vaginal flora containing bacteria.

It’s Nothing To Worry About

You better get accustomed to this early pregnancy symptom, which is discharge from vagina, because, as you enter the last month of your pregnancy, you are going to have more of it.
What Does This discharge Do?

As an early pregnancy symptom, this discharge fills your cervical canal and forms a protective layer, known as mucus plug. Your cervix ejects this mucus when it starts to dilate, and you notice it in your panties in the form of a white discharge that resembles an egg white. Sometimes, your cervix might eject the mucus plug in the form of a gelatinous ball, which might accompany with a drop of blood.

When Should You Worry?

The discharge, early pregnancy symptom is not a thing to worry about. However, you SHOULD worry when you notice the following things:

*There is more of a thin, transparent discharge. You may not know whether it’s mucus or amniotic fluid. This is the time to call your doctor or midwife.
* If you are less than 37 weeks pregnant and you see a change in the form of discharge (it gets bloody, watery, or brownish pink) or an excess of discharge, call your doctor. You might be in pre-term labor.
* If you feel itchy or a burning sensation, though the discharge is white and odorless, or your notice inflammation of your vulva, then there is a probability of yeast infection.
* If you notice frothy or foul odor, yellow, grayish, or greenish discharge, though there is no itching or burning, you might be suffering from a sexually transmitted disease or some other type of discharge.

In either condition, it’s best to contact your doctor immediately. Do not attempt to treat the condition through over-the-counter drugs. It’s risky.

How To Deal With The Discharge, Early Pregnancy Symptom?

Well, you can’t stop the discharge, but you can wear panty liners. They absorb the flow and keep you feeling fresh. DO NOT USE TAMPONS.

Always keep the area around your genitals clean by wiping from front to back. Choose cotton panties. Refrain from wearing nylon panties, tight pants, bubble bath, toilet paper or scented pads, feminine hygiene sprays, and deodorant soaps.

Douching Is A Bad Idea

Douching may disturb the normal vaginal flora balance and pave way for a vaginal infection. In rare cases, it may let in air through your vagina into your circulatory system causing serious complications.

So, now you know that the discharge, early pregnancy symptom is just a normal way of your body to inform you that you are pregnant!