Know Where You Lapse Before Planning Your Weight Loss Technique

There are several people around who are a victim of junk foods, crash diets and sedentary lifestyle. Besides that consumption of alcohol, bad genes, metabolism and drugs contribute in a major way to weight gain. There is a point where people become absolutely reluctant of their eating habits and the resulting weight gain. Weight gain in return would lead to unwanted health complications. Most people get caught in this vicious cycle. This would in turn lower your self-esteem and lower the social activities with others very gradually. Even before you could notice, things would start getting out of hand.

However losing weight is not that difficult if you are a little bit vigilant about your routine. Few people gain weight due to long hours of television-watching. Few people fall for junk foods and few blame their genetics. Let us see how to minimize the lapses here.

1. Pen down the things that are making you gain weight. Of course it requires a lot of thinking. Figuring out the causes of weight gain is quite a process. In the first place you should know the habits that are making you gain weight. Few people gain weight when they sleep in the afternoon. Few other petty things that contribute to weight gain are television-watching, video games, ice creams, depression and so on. Make a list of whatever you do on a daily basis and do some research to find out the contributing factors of your weight gain.

2. Once when you are done with the research, consult your dietician. Have a discussion and ensure if you are right about your research and then you can formulate a plan to reduce your weight.

3. Physical activity is quite important for anyone on earth. If you intend to forgo that you are simply cheating yourself. Physical exercise motivates you, betters your health and would help reduce your weight gain. In addition to that it releases a lot of positive energy which several people are looking for.

4. As you have known your lapses now, formulate a plan in accordance with that. Create a chart listing what has to be done on a regular basis. In prior to that mention your objective and target very clearly. Be clear as to why you intend to lose weight. Also mention your timeframe on the chart. Make it as reasonable as possible. For example, if you think losing 4 lbs a week is reasonable to you, just mention that. Greediness is not going to help you here. In fact there are chances that it could make you lose your enthusiasm.

5. As the chart is created, start following it with all your heart. After all nothing is more important than health. It is quite hard to bid adieu to all of them at a stretch. However you can always slow them down on a gradual basis. For instance, if sleeping in the afternoon causes you to gain weight, reduce your sleeping hours or you can always go for a power nap as an alternative.

6. You can see significant in a period of time. Now the question is how to retain the weight loss that was achieved. It is as simple as that. Only bad habits would make you gain weight. Bad habits are exclusively due to negative energy. It is important that you redirect this energy into some passion of yours say book-reading, drawing or something that you are best at. Once when you start redirecting this energy on your passion you would not have enough time for junk foods or excessive sleep or whatever bad habits that you have.