Know What To Look For In Janitorial Cleaning Products

Janitorial cleaning products are many and varied. There are cleaning products specific for bathroom and toilet. If your kitchen is tiled, it may need similar cleaning products. Depending on the flooring, there are products to disinfect stone, granite, and marbles, There are also products to clean tiles, vinyl, and wood.

Included in the cleaning are the walls and windows, the type of cleaning solutions depend on their materials. Walls can be concrete, wood, or sheetrock; and, windows can be glass and wood or glass and iron. Whatever combination it is, it is wise to know the ideal cleaning products.

Offices, schools, clinics, shops, sports complex and other commercial sectors may also need janitorial cleaning products similar to the ones used for home. However, industrial plants may need cleaning solutions formulated especially for these plants.

Now, the cleaning products can be in the form of organic, natural and synthetic. The synthetic solutions used artificial chemicals which can be harmful to the one handling them and to surrounding people.

Often, the chemicals remained within the area even after cleaning, and can be disseminated by air. The organic solutions are devoid of harmful chemicals. Organic cleansers do not contain toxic ingredients that can be detrimental to your health or to the environment.

Natural cleansers are normally home-made. They are not artificially processed, but are prepared raw. Vinegar, lemon, baking soda are just few examples of natural janitorial cleaning products for bathroom tiles, sinks, bath tubs and knobs, kitchen, countertop and flooring.

Because of the rampant campaign on a green planet, many manufacturers support such call and devote efforts on research to come up with organic and natural cleansers.

If your lifestyle does not permit you to make natural cleaning solutions, then you can head over to your nearest grocery store and look for cleaning products with the label organic or natural ingredients. You can also check the label to know if there are toxic chemicals used in the formulation.

Natural and organic cleansers do not mean that they are not effective in removing stains, mildew, stubborn dirt and molds. They are. But unlike the conventional janitorial cleaning products that are promoted, for years, the natural or organic solutions clean without damaging the environment and your health.

Even windows and toilets in commercial establishments and schools can benefit from cleaning solutions prepared from natural ingredients. The enzymatic cleaner is another example.

Derived from enzymes, which are proteins, the enzymatic solutions use lipases, amylases and proteases to dissolve various organic materials.

Enzymatic cleansers are eco-friendly-biodegradable and non-poisonous. When used as part of your janitorial cleaning products, it can clean and disinfect all areas around your house.

Having natural janitorial cleaning products in your custodial supplies will cut off your worries on dirt. Maintaining a clean and germ-free house contributes to a healthy life, and healthy environment.