Know The Ins And Outs Of A Cruise Vacation, Part 1

So you are looking into learning more about cruises. Let me be the first to tell you, that if you haven`t gone on one yet, you really need to. They are without a doubt a great time. For me I ventured on 5 cruises in my life, my wife even more. She is the one who got me into them in the first place.

What cruises do is give you the adventure of stopping in multiple places on the same location. I personally have always looked at cruises as a way to get to know each island stop, just a little bit, and then if I really liked one of them, my wife and I can go back for a longer stay at a later date.

There are a ton of choices when it comes to cruising. How long you should go, where you should go, what excursions should you go on and a slew of other questions. I will do my best to answer these questions for you from my own experience.

First things first, where ya goin`. For this you just need to ask a few more questions. Is it just you and your spouse or significant other, are there kids going, how about the in-laws or grandparents. Once you know who is going, then you can tailor your cruise after the party involved. For example, if it is an adult only cruise, you could do something in the Mediterranean, or Alaska (great cruise by the way). The Caribbean of course is always fun.

If there will be kids, Disney now offers cruises, and although I personally I have not been on a Disney cruise, I understand they are a great time, especially for the kids.

When you think of cruising, most people think of warm destinations, the Caribbean, Hawaii and so on. Don`t rule out European cruises, as they have a lot to offer as well.

Once you choose your destination, which may or may not dictate the next question, you need to figure out, just how long you want to go for. I have gone on 4 and 7 days cruises. For me, 4 days is just way, I am mean way to short. A 7 seven day cruise is the norm, and perfect if you are a first time cruiser. I am looking forward to doing a 9 to 15 day cruise. At the end of 7 days, I am always feeling like there should be just one more day.

If you are new to cruising, I suggest 7 days. its a perfect amount of time to get you acclimated to this fun past time. Any longer on your first trip and you just might burn yourself out. Give yourself a reason to go back for more.

OK, so you know where you are going, who you are going with and for how long. But which cruise line should you pick. Honestly, it doesn`t matter, but you should check to see which ones are better suited for kids, how big are the ships going to the destination you have chosen and so on. Remember bigger isn`t always better. More people on a ship could translate into longer lines at the buffet or shows, and ugh, no seats by the pool! So if you aren`t much of a crowd person, stay away from the bigger mammoth ships.

In my next article I will discuss, what to do while on a cruise ship, and how to maximize your time, so you don`t miss a thing. So keep an eye out for that.

By: Bruce A. Tucker