Know How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

A properly functioning air conditioning system is essential to make you stay comfortable during hot days. If the air conditioning system is not maintained regularly, it is likely to lose five percent efficiency with each passing year. Regular maintenance is therefore very important. Read this article to get an idea on how to maintain your air conditioning system.

Make a checklist for regular maintenance
It is better to prepare a checklist with important and not so important things to do, so that you don’t miss on anything. Make sure your checklist has both the units (indoor and outdoor) mentioned and under each unit prepare a list of things to do.

To make it easy for you, we have prepared a checklist, so that you don’t have to spend those extra hours in thinking on what and how to do.

Checklist – Indoor unit
Check for power cord condition
The cord connecting your air conditioner to the power source may get worn out over a period and ultimately fails to supply power to the equipment. Check the condition of the cord by using a volt-ohm-milliammeter (VOM) to check the functionality. If the meter reading shows greater than zero, it should be replaced.

Check if power connections to the equipment are loose. If so, fix them. Further, check the voltage and current for motors. If you are in doubt, and unable to fix, take the help of trained professionals.

Clean or replace filters every month or two
Periodic cleaning and replacement of air conditioner filters ensures optimal efficiency of the system. Dirty and clogged filters cause obstruction to airflow and thus impair the efficiency of the system.

According to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), filters should be replaced once in every two months. By replacing a clogged filter you can reduce the energy consumption of your unit by 5-15%.

Clean dirty evaporator coils
The evaporator coil accumulates dirt and dust overtime. This accumulation reduces airflow. Sometimes, dirt insulates the evaporator coil affecting its ability to absorb heat. Checking evaporator coil every year and cleaning it whenever required is essential.

Check the levels of refrigerants
Refrigerants are the coolant chemicals. Make sure the amount of refrigerant is balanced. If not so, it makes the equipment consume more power and thus leads to heavy power bills.

Frequently inspect the condition of air blower, air-ducts and fans
The air blower in your air conditioner helps provide air at a comfortable level. Make sure to clean and maintain the blower. Defective blower is likely to affect your equipment’s efficiency by 15%.

Ensure to check and clean the air ducts. Ducts in good condition will help you get clean air and operate your air conditioner at a higher efficiency. If the dirt and dust accumulation is unchecked and not cleared, it will reduce the efficiency drastically.

Make sure to use the correct grade lubricant for better functionality of the fan motor. Further, check the condition of fan belt. Replace it once a year so that the belt doesn’t slacken. Slackened belts make your equipment less efficient.

Checklist – Outdoor unit
Remove plants around outdoor air compressor
Keep area around the outdoor air compressor clean – free from dirt, plant parts such as leaves and branches as they obstruct proper heat exchange and airflow. Make sure to leave a few feet space around the equipment free from any obstructions.

Remove debris from condenser coils
The condenser coil also accumulates dirt over a time. Dirt collects on fins of the condenser coils. It is severe when the area around is prone to get dusty because of presence of trees. Therefore, cleaning the area nearby, and regularly trimming the longer branches leads to better maintenance of the condenser.

Check if condenser fan is balanced
Check the condition of the condenser fan. If it is not balanced, it leads to uneven motion and vibration resulting in wearing out. Also, check for the fan bearings. Worn out bearings can damage the equipment. Make sure you replace them in such a case.

Clean condenser fans with foaming sprayers
The condenser fan accumulates dirt overtime. Make sure you clean it using a biodegradable spray detergent. Clean it once a month.

Cover outdoor unit with condenser cover
Purchase a condenser cover that fits your outdoor unit. By this, the outdoor condenser will not get damaged due to rain, leaves, etc.

To keep the air conditioner running smoothly, it is very important to check and maintain all the above listed things regularly, so that you avoid high repair costs, save on power bills, and most importantly your air conditioner will keep your indoor temperature cool, comfortable and healthy.