Know All About Synthesizers

Synthesizer is an instrument that helps to create and play different kinds of sounds. They require external sound boxes. This instrument has different kinds of models. The models vary on the basis of the functions, facilities, size etc.

There are three main types of synthesizers, analogue, digital and software. In the analogue form, continuous voltages in different proportions model sound wave. Whereas in a digital synthesizer various separate information units are used. A software synthesizer makes use of various software to mix sounds.

By assimilating these three types, a new kind of synthesizer is made, which is called hybrid synthesizer.

There are different methods of synthesis.

– Subtractive synthesis
– Granular synthesis
– Physical modeling synthesis
– Frequency modulation synthesis
– Phase distortion synthesis
– Additive synthesis
– Sample based synthesis
– Sub harmonic synthesis

Elisha Gray invented the first electronic synthesizer in the year 1876. After this a lot more experiments occurred with the synthesizer and hence different kinds of synthesizers were invented.

Microtonal Electronic keyboard was made by Ivor Darreg in 1937, ANS synthesizer by Russian scientist Evgeny Murzin. Only one ANS was made. Presently it is preserved at the Lomonosov university of Moscow.

In the 1960s, development of synthesizers took place. But they were so big in size that they had to be kept inside the studios only.

Today synthesizers have become digital. They are lot more advanced than the previous ones. Now it is possible to arrange a whole song in synthesizer. You don’t need any acoustic instruments. Synthesizers will provide you all these acoustic effects. You can also have different sound effect like, the sound of a moving train, people talking, sound of applauses etc.

You can even record or create new sound effects. Synthesizer is becoming popular in the music industry. Synthesized music is slowly emerging. Even films are using synthesized songs. The first song to be fully synthesized was from the James bond flick, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, in 1969.

After this film, using synthesized music became a trend for films. In the year 1982, John Carpenter made a film called ‘The Thing’, which had all synthesized songs.

Modern synthesizers give you many other facilities also. You can play and can record what you have just played instantly. How? Simple. Record it in a floppy or C.D. It has got the floppy and c.d. drive.

Modern synthesizers have a huge option of sound balancing too. You can balance your sound on your own and can settle down with the kind of sound you want.

As it is capable of delivering various sound effects, you can easily get the instrument you want. Like you want to play saxophone. But you don’t know how to play saxophone. With a synthesizer around you don’t even need to know. Just switch on the synthesizer, chose the saxophone option and go on playing saxophone in the synthesizer rid.

Sounds interesting, right? If you seriously want to be musically versatile, then this is the right choice for you. But remember, good quality synthesizers are a bit expensive. But nothing can beat the love and passion for great music.