Know about Hallucinogens

From the past thousands of years, human beings are using Hallucinogens. These drugs belong to general group of pharmacological drugs and divided into three categories psychedelics, dissociatives and deliviants. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2007, approximately 34.2 million Americans aged 12 or older tried these drugs at least once in their lifetime.

Facts about Hallucinogens
Hallucinogens are illegal to abuse, buy or to sell. Hallucinogens abuse distorts the perception of reality of an abuser. Images, sounds and feel some sensations that don’t exist in real are experienced by the abuser. They live in a world of illusion where nothing is real and can easily hurt themselves because of the unrealistic acts. Sense of direction, distance and time becomes disoriented with the abuse. Effect of hallucinogens stays in the body from 6 to 12 hours, even with a small dose of 30 milligram.

Reasons for Hallucinogens abuse
Thousands of years ago, people used hallucinogens for various reasons like assuming that they will get mystical foresight, fortunetelling and super powers etc. The effects or symptoms of these drugs are very easy to hide that encourages people to abuse these drugs more often.

People, who are unable to deal with frustrations or feel left out abuse these drugs to feel better in such situations. These drugs are available easily at cheaper rate than any other drug. Abusers strongly believe that these drugs produce a high effect that gives the illusion of increasing creativity, empathy, or self-awareness.

Effects of Hallucinogens
Even after a single use of these drugs, the person easily develops a habit of abusing the hallucinogens. This drug has a direct and powerful effect on the fragile communication system between the nerve cell and the neurotransmitter, found throughout the body. These drugs are extremely dangerous, can result in increased risk of convulsions, coma, heart failure, lungs failure and even death of the abuser.

The above information helps you in getting a snapshot about the hallucinogens, facts, reasons, and effects to abuse. The abuser can overcome drug abuse, with friends and family’s encouragement or with professional help.