Know About Contingency Recruiting and its Benefits

Every business needs a good workforce which strives hard to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives in an effective manner. To build such an excellent team, many organizations focus on quality hires. Though it’s often challenging to pick suitable candidates from a large pool of qualified people, companies can never ignore the need and importance of talented professionals.

To make effective hires, every company has two options – form an in-house recruiting team or use the services of outside recruiting agencies, which supply candidates depending on the company’s requirement. First option is clear and straightforward, but is often outweighed by the second one due to some significant benefits. Out of various recruitment procedures followed by the recruiting agencies, let us know about contingency recruiting method, which is one of the popular forms of hiring.

Contingency recruiting and how it works
Contingency recruiting, by definition, is a kind of candidate search in which a recruiting firm will be paid fees only after it places a suitable candidate for the required position. This is the main reason why many companies prefer this kind of recruiting – the chances of getting potential candidates are pretty high with less investment. A contingency recruiter works for multiple clients and tries to fill the vacancies in their companies as effectively as he can.

Contingency recruiting agencies collect resumes from different sources like the job portals, their own websites, etc., and handle all the responsibilities of scheduling the interviews, screening the candidates, conducting interviews and referral verification procedures at their place. After conducting all these formalities, if they are completely satisfied with the candidate’s profile, and if they feel that he/she is suitable candidate for the position, they will forward the resume to the respective company.

Let us see how contingency recruiting helps an organization in making quality hires.

Provides potential employee data: Contingency recruiting agencies screen the candidates by implementing thorough procedures and send the list of potentially qualified candidates, who are well suited for the requirement. This way the possibility of getting a good candidate’s profile is high.

Provides full background checks with verification of references: Once the client selects the candidates, the recruiters conduct final reference checks and background verifications. These reference verifications and background checks are very important because they give the actual picture of the behavioral pattern of the selected candidate. These reference checks confirm the accuracy of the information provided by the candidate and also assure the employer that he is making a quality hire.

Conduct tests to find the best employee
Besides the above mentioned activities, many recruiting firms also conduct different types of tests which give a detailed idea about the candidate’s overall personality. Let us check few of them:

Elaborate personality testing: Personality tests are thought to be one of the valid predictors of job performance. So, many employers employ these tests to determine the cognitive as well as creative abilities of the candidate. A contingency recruiting agency conducts these tests and evaluates the candidate’s capabilities.

Lie detector testing: It’s an optional test conducted on a candidate depending on his/her performance. This is to make sure that all the information given by the candidate is genuine.

Drug testing: Pre-employment drug testing is a part of recruiting process for many organizations. A reputed agency will conduct drug tests and hence provides candidates with good habits.

Cost benefit
In case an organization takes up the responsibility of hiring the candidates by itself, it should invest significant amount of money and time – hiring professional recruiters, paying monthly salaries, perks, bonuses, etc., costs of conducting interviews, advertisement costs, drug testing costs and so on. So, hiring a professional recruiting agency not only provides suitable candidates, but also saves the organization from all the mentioned costs, relieving the organization from the financial as well as operational burden.

Helpful for staffing at all levels
Reputed recruiting agencies have many years of experience in the field of hiring. From entry level to senior positions, they can provide candidates based on the requirement. Getting a professional candidate with good work exposure depends on how well the recruiting firm explains the roles and responsibilities for a particular job profile.

Also, it is to be known that the quality of the candidates provided by the recruiting agencies depends on the reputation and the experience of the recruiting firm. So, make sure that you are approaching a reliable service provider for high quality hires.

Servant leadership
One of the most important characteristics of an effective leader at workplace is ‘servant leadership’. A dynamic leader inculcates the belief ‘To lead is to serve’ and does not wish to increase self-authority or power. His or her main attitude is to primarily serve the team and the organization. Such quality brings in valuable characteristics like trust, honesty and respect in the team members. Servant leadership stresses on moral and principled use of power. Its main purpose is to develop the growth of people in the firm and build team work.

Emotionally intelligent
Emotional intelligence is the ability to monitor and manage self-emotions at workplace. A good leader develops self-awareness, motivation, empathy, social and self-management skills to be emotionally intelligent. With such distinct behavioral characteristics, he meets the organization’s demands such as growth, challenges, glory and team spirit. It enhances the ability to take right decisions and also promotes to maintain a good relationship with the peers.

A combination of these qualities should be inculcated by a manager. With these leadership traits, a perfect leader makes sure that the following things are achieved.

Getting best out of the team members
A good leader at workplace finds ways to receive the excellent output from the team members. He sometimes involves in informal chat with the team members, but at the same time ensures that their productivity is maintained. He gives proper training to the subordinates and helps them build the required skills. He motivates the team to achieve the productivity targets of the projects.

Making the team members think through the issues
No accomplishment is successful without team work. A good leader expects opinions and suggestions from the team members. He provokes them to think through the work issues and find innovative ways to get better solutions. This not only creates interest among the team members but also promotes their skill development.

Creating broad framework in which team members can get their jobs done
A clear and effective framework is developed by a good leader to help the team members get the job perspective. He makes it easy for the team members to finish the job. He makes them think through the company’s viewpoint and encourages them to work whole heartedly for the progress of the company. He also inspires them to stretch when required.

Inculcate the above-mentioned leadership qualities to be an impressive leader at workplace.