Know About Alcohol Testing

There are many reasons why U.S. organizations, companies and schools test for alcohol abuse. According to National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), nearly 51.6 percent of Americans aged 12 or older reported being current drinkers of alcohol in the 2008. Because of the rampant alcoholism and its negative effects, many companies, institutions, and organizations are implementing random alcohol testing and alcohol screening. As a result, there is an increasing demand for more effective alcohol testing and detection methods. The common methods of alcohol testing are breathalyzer test and saliva test, in which specimen samples are collected quickly and easily unlike in urine and blood tests.

Alcohol Breathalyzer test:
Breath analysis is the common method of testing for blood-alcohol content by law enforcement department. Breathalyzer device is used to estimate the blood alcohol content (BAC) in a breath sample. It is also commonly used at homes, schools, workplaces apart from law enforcement. Employers use breathalyzers to check the blood alcohol level in employees to ensure workplace is safe and free of alcohol abusers. If one wants to do an alcohol abuse test in a zippy, alcohol breathalyzer is the suitable option.

Alcohol saliva test:
Alcohol saliva test detects the presence of alcohol in the saliva sample, which is relatively a good approximation of blood alcohol content. The concentration of alcohol in saliva is very likely to be similar to the blood alcohol content that is present in the blood. As a result, alcohol saliva tests are preferred to blood alcohol tests as it avoids the hassle related to blood sample collection and also comparatively cheaper.

Alcohol saliva testing method is becoming popular among the organizations and companies, as they can have the sample for further evidence unlike in breathalyzer. Saliva samples can be acquired under direct supervision with a minimal risk of tampering in almost any environment.

Today, alcohol testing plays a major role in eliminating or significantly reducing student alcohol abuse, preventing alcohol-related highway fatalities, tracking alcohol abusers at workplace to provide safe work environment. The information will help you to find the ideal method of alcohol testing if you need to test alcohol abuse easily and effortlessly.