Know About Alcohol Saliva Test

The fact that nearly half of the automobile and industrial accidents are associated with alcohol abuse in the United States stresses the need to check alcohol abuse at all levels. Alcohol saliva test is one of the common methods used at schools, businesses, and safety sensitive works to test the suspects of alcohol abuse. The most important advantages of alcohol saliva test are easy sample collection and quick results.

Applications of Alcohol Saliva Test:
Alcohol saliva tests are used at various locations and situations to test the alcohol levels in a suspect.
• Schools: Saliva alcohol tests are preferred in schools as the samples cannot be adulterated and can be collected easily.
• Businesses: Many employers in United States use random alcohol testing. Employee dignity is a question that is often raised while drug testing at workplace. Alcohol saliva test enables random alcohol tests, which are non invasive and give instant results.
• Safety Sensitive Works: US Department of Transportation (DOT) approved alcohol saliva test as effective testing method that is required for testing of all transportation and safety sensitive employees.

Advantages of Alcohol Saliva Test:
Alcohol Saliva Test has many advantages such as,
• Convenient: These tests are simple to use anywhere and at anytime. They work in a clean, non-invasive manner, so this test is considered as the simplest method to detect alcohol levels in the body.
• Quick & Economical: When compared to other alcohol testing methods, it is time and cost efficient. These tests provide results within minutes.
• No Adulteration: Saliva tests are very difficult to adulterate, as the samples can be obtained under direct supervision.
• Employee Dignity: The collection of samples is donor friendly, dignified, secured, and less embarrassing when compared to other tests such as urine or hair tests.
• Accurate: As the ratio of alcohol content in saliva and blood is 1:1, this method is as accurate as blood and urine drug tests.
• Recent Drug Abuse: These tests detect the recent alcohol drug abuse.

Over consumption and abuse of alcohol has led society to many problems. In order to deter alcohol abusers, many schools and employers are using alcohol tests. Of them, Alcohol Saliva Test is a good tool in maintaining a drug free and safe environment.