Knitting Nirvana

Knitting. It’s such fun! If ever there was a hobby that just keeps getting better, it has to be knitting!

Even if you’re “just looking”, knitting is so enticing; what with the plethora of luscious yarns, accessories, and patterns which are readily available to all of us.

Take yarns, for instance. Every day there is something new! Don’t try to keep up; no one can. Just open a knitting magazine, find a yarn you love and have some fun! That’s the secret, you know. Find a yarn in a color that’s dazzling and knit up something in a simple pattern. You can’t lose!

Cashmere, cotton, bamboo, corn fiber, silk, handspun, organic, merino, baby alpaca, wool, linen, mohair, acrylics, nylon, and on and on, the list never gets any smaller and neither does my knitting wish list. You know, all those patterns you bookmark, so that some day soon, you might actually get around to knitting one of them.

But, back to that little secret about knitting. You know, what I mentioned a few paragraphs ago; knitting things in simple stitches. Simple stitches abound, so never fear that there are only so many to go around, like all those TV reruns we love to watch.

Did you know there are many different ‘knit and purl’ stitches to learn, and no two look alike? Forget that old stockinette stitch; by combining the knit stitch with the purl stitch, you can create all sorts of knitted wonders. From moss stitches, to little flags, basketweaves, diamonds, hearts, mock cables, gingham, blocks, all the way to patterns within patterns.

If you don’t like ‘knit and purl’, then learn lace knitting. Pretty combinations of knit two togethers and yarn-overs, produce zig zags, waves, eyelets, lacy ribs, feather stitch, leaf lace, ladders, ferns, window designs, all created with a few precise knitting stitches that follow a pattern.

Then, there are cable stitches. These are truly fun and challenging! From simple cross-over cable stitches, to intricate celtic designs, to braiding or medallion, you will look like knitting’s ultimate expert!

Let’s not forget ribbing. Single or double ribbing, openwork, or something called ‘rick rack’, there are varied ways to knit up rib designs as well. Easy to follow designs make the simple look complicated!

Last, but never least, who could forget the textured stitches? Bubbles and bobbles, popcorn stitches, honeycomb, smocking, dimples, acorns, knot stitches, bridal veil, vines, rosettes, trellis, cross-stitch, to dropped stitches, too!

So, don’t be put off by what looks like it’s “too difficult.” That’s the secret of knitting!

If you started knitting today, you would be knitting into the future forever! And, if you ask me, there’s no place like knitting!